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  1. Kuchie only please. We really want to set this one up for major disappointment.
  2. Looking at 500mb the energy is way, way up north, like in the arctic still. How much data is really up there?
  3. The Euro is very positively tilted. Yuk. Really hoping for a big one. When does the energy get onshore?
  4. I don't think all the pieces are onshore yet so sampling is a bit variable still.
  5. That is a tough one. Wait until the very last second to get more model runs in.
  6. Many of us are looking for that last big one, give this winter a solid B+ and move on. I seems to recall a Frozen song...
  7. Something that strong will have lots of dynamic cooling. Really hoping we get a bonifide blizzard - Spring could come any time after that...lol
  8. Just got in the car at the zoo. Winds really starting to pick up! Getting serious now.
  9. 12z GFS definitely more suppressed and weaker with the Monday system. Looks like we'll be on the cold side.
  10. Don't have a snow board, but it's really close to 11" total this morning.
  11. My town got called out on the AFD...famous! Lol Inversions are low at less than 4kft, but sharper sfc convergence between Oswego and Monroe county has supported concentrated snow showers for areas southeast of Lake Ontario, centered on Wayne county, where local accums of 1-3 inches may accumulate through the night. NYS Mesonet site in Ontario (northwest Wayne county) and the KSDC METAR site in Wayne County along with the BUF radar lower few angles suggest a stronger convergence band in that vcnty.
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