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  1. @Iceresistance can we get an update on the situation on the ground?
  2. You going to follow in the footsteps of your father and take their wall art?
  3. What does this mean for sensible weather across the Mojave?
  4. Anyone know some good webcams from the tri state where I can watch the snow? I’m trying to get my bookmarks together so I don’t have to figure it out in the heat of the moment…
  5. Stewart was a terrible weenie for a long time but in the last half decade or so really has turned into a top notch forecaster and disco writer.
  6. Also I don’t know how you can put fall 21 over the baker’s dozen summer, no matter how good it was.
  7. Well, funny thing about Halloween is that I was exhausted, did too many drugs the first three nights, so I sold my ticket in the nosebleeds behind the stage for 850 dollars and couch toured. Glad I did. I really enjoyed seeing kasvot in 18 but the space soldier crap didn’t do it for me. Thursday was so freaking good. The numbers show was one of the best I have ever been to. i received multiple contact tracing push notifications about covid but did not come down with it. Neither did my crew. probably because we never went onto the floor, which was the nastiest cesspit I have seen in a long time.
  8. What did you think of 4.0? I went to the Halloween run and it was the first phish I have listened to in ages.
  9. I’m just messing with you, buddy. I think you are speaking to the same floatation question that was above. I am going to err on the large side because I am powder-bound.
  10. I saw those. I’m trying to be realistic about the types of activities I will be doing in these and I don’t think I will be doing more than rolling hills, valley bottoms, etc. Not much actual climbing. so I am leaning towards less expensive with fewer features for climbing.
  11. I’m looking into Costco. I already like a lot of their outdoor options. If they’re anything like the cascade mtn tech poles I have they’d be great. MSR is looking alright too. The evos are pretty well rated and only about 140 bucks. In stock at my local REI. What about sizes? I see from 22” on up into the 30s. I’ll be hiking in Utah powder mostly.
  12. Hello everyone. I come in peace. I need you. OT sucks and is full of loser sheltered indoor keyboard warriors who can’t answer my questions. Can someone recommend me some snowshoes? I want something mid range budget wise, but will only use them maybe 5 times a year. I have size 10 feet and already have decent boots. I don’t know anything about snowshoes so if you have opinions on what type of binding mechanisms etc, please let them rip.
  13. Why even have criteria if you just kinda ignore it? They must only want to use it on compact summertime bow echoes.
  14. What is the SPC doing? Lol. This should be a high all the way back to where the line is
  15. I hope this busts because I am super busy later today
  16. Wow. Imagine actually being a fan of silver dollar city.
  17. Looks like a 4 to me. People are posting the weakest ground scouring and we all know construction standards in W Kentucky are kinda sus.
  18. I really hope this busts. I am busy tonight and don’t want to be distracted by RadarScope debris balls and stuff.
  19. Havahahahahabababavahghahghaaa your legends are false idols
  20. If they did that the climate change deniers would pitch a fit and say it’s being done to make global warming seem scarier.
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