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  1. Great, Baghdad Bob is now in Nicaragua. Just what we need.
  2. Some of the darkest clouds moving crazy fast I've seen in awhile. We're going to get croaked shortly.
  3. Lights just flickered, 34 with gusts to 46 currently. About a quarter inch of rain.
  4. Good advice and something I'll put to the front of my mind tomorrow. Up until now my "trigger" to keep from slicing was making sure my hips and waist rotation were the very first movement on my takeaway as opposed to my hands moving the club back. With that no longer preventing the slice it feels like a mindset change to ingrain this at the top of my swing is needed. However as with all things I need to take a lot of practice swings before the round and ingrain this so I don't need to think about it intently DURING my live swings.
  5. I am commiserating right now because when being fitted for clubs several weeks back my spray chart on the simulator was brutal. Three balls to the left of center and about 100 sliced to the right. I hit the rest of my clubs decent like you as well, seems a directional driver problem. I have a "shamble" format tournament tomorrow which is great as I can start playing my own ball from the best drive, however my hope is there will only be passing showers. If we get into the real heavy stuff...
  6. Google is not giving me an Orange, LA just an Orange, TX on the state line. I presume this means the land south of Orange, TX on the LA side just east of Port Arthur? I'm seeing a Johnson Bayou and Mae's Beach in this area.
  7. My wind has definitely not died down since the rain ended before 5, and in fact seems gustier.
  8. Keeping up with high 30s/40s gusts in the sunshine.
  9. Yup just as the line was almost through with sun in the distance was a last hurrah of wind-driven rain, that must be when it hit.
  10. We had about 5 minutes of REAL fun in the line as it started to pull together. Now I'm seeing peeks of sunshine and just a stiff breeze.
  11. We were on the very east edge of that RI cell but still got clocked!
  12. Barely any rain and a stiff breeze in my neck of the woods, yuck. My water bill is going to be sky high with how much we're using to keep the grass from going yellow, in the words of the late/great Rodney Dangerfield "let's go while we're young!"
  13. This incoming shower is packing a punch! Looks like we're in the thick of it for a good half hour looking at the incoming radar from SE CT.
  14. I'm next to TF Green airport and believe the wind is all of 30 sustained 49 gust reading I'm seeing on the KPVD station.
  15. Quick snow squall in Warwick between bar down the street and home, no good dusting yet. Looks like a possible band forming to our northeast?
  16. Getting absolutely crushed at PVD right now! Glad I came home early and not in the commute.
  17. Some mood snow still hanging on for dear life in Dedham, thought it would be over by now. Eyeballing the depth outside it appears in the 3" range.
  18. Finally been ripping at PVD, a little late for big totals but at least we'll get above 1"-2" which is where we sat until recently.
  19. Squarely a mix on 128 at the Dedham-Westwood line. Drops on the pavement but a lot of flakes in the air.