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  1. This incoming shower is packing a punch! Looks like we're in the thick of it for a good half hour looking at the incoming radar from SE CT.
  2. I'm next to TF Green airport and believe the wind is all of 30 sustained 49 gust reading I'm seeing on the KPVD station.
  3. Quick snow squall in Warwick between bar down the street and home, no good dusting yet. Looks like a possible band forming to our northeast?
  4. Getting absolutely crushed at PVD right now! Glad I came home early and not in the commute.
  5. Some mood snow still hanging on for dear life in Dedham, thought it would be over by now. Eyeballing the depth outside it appears in the 3" range.
  6. Finally been ripping at PVD, a little late for big totals but at least we'll get above 1"-2" which is where we sat until recently.
  7. Squarely a mix on 128 at the Dedham-Westwood line. Drops on the pavement but a lot of flakes in the air.