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  1. Woke up to gusts over 50 here next to the airport with transformer sparks lighting up the sky every 5-10 seconds, but somehow still have power. All of Warwick Neck is out, had to break the news to my poor brother-in-law in Aruba to see if anything needs to be saved from their freezer. Can only imagine the south shore based on how fresh the breeze is here!
  2. Agreed, I'm just curious how much it costs over say a 20 to 25-year period for disaster repairs and how much of the overall utility cost pie that takes up. Like is there even a worthwhile offset in cost by eliminating these events. Google did not help me out with a bottom-line estimate of disaster costs just related to electric.
  3. As a civil/site designer we generally propose all new subdivisions with underground power/no poles. But it doesn't help when the power connecting to the substation for the development is conveyed by poles 2' away from overhanging trees. Until somehow all the money needed is spent to convert existing overhead lines to underground, this will be a perpetual problem.
  4. You lucked out. What part of NK are you in? My buddy near South County Trail lost power around 10:30.
  5. A screwhole here most of the day, but accommodating my wife needing to drive to her doctor's appointment at least. Brushed a trace off the car about 15 minutes ago.
  6. 6"-7" OTG it appears, hoping we get cold in time to crank closer to a foot total. The slush held us back a bit this morning.
  7. The second most unfortunate thing to happen in a Brentwood.
  8. Geez I just got dressed to go to my downstairs office and my pants are back off already.
  9. Massive flakes falling with the flip occurring here near the airport.
  10. Looked like we had a 57 mph gust at the airport. I had one of those Bagsters for waste in my yard awaiting pickup since last Wednesday, good thing the Waste Management truck came by around 11am! Just in time...
  11. Great, Baghdad Bob is now in Nicaragua. Just what we need.
  12. Some of the darkest clouds moving crazy fast I've seen in awhile. We're going to get croaked shortly.
  13. Lights just flickered, 34 with gusts to 46 currently. About a quarter inch of rain.
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