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  1. I was just thinking I’m pretty sure Northern Fairfield County averages a wee bit more snow than the highlands west of NYC
  2. ? Seems like it’s all snow except SE Mass Cape
  3. And right on par with last year. Freaky. This sucks...I feel you’re pain. 2018 Top 2019 Bottom
  4. Unfortunately we are currently in the “mild/snowless” period. I believe everything in life is cyclical including weather and I believe things flipped sometime in 2016/2017 and ever since winters are basically non existent in the east with the exception on NNE and green and white mountains. It’s happened before. We will still have stretches of mild winter like in the past and we will also occasionally have very snowy winters and that’s part of the reason it’s so fun to track storms. I’ll tell ya what though the next big storm for the tri state area and coastal NE will be a very welcomed sight, it’s been too long. Hope we can squeeze a big storm out of a crappy pattern/season. I’ve seen it happen plenty of times, 2006 (30”) and 2013 (37”) come to mind, especially over last 15 years. You never know...fingers crossed
  5. Hey man I’m right there with ya on the south coast of CT. We’ve had maybe 4” all season so far and whole lotta ice today. Hang in there we will get ours. Jan/Feb is the coasts best shot. We’ve also lost grip reality with the pst decade being very snowy for SNE including the coast. Feels almost like the 90s again. .56 of ice on everything Except most roadways. Bridges are a different story. North side of town will have some damage for sure. Fairfield, CT
  6. Seems like the tables have turned, at least since 2017 in Southern CT. Those storms you mentioned we did extremely well (30” 2006 / 42” 2013) but we are starting to go back to coastal winters I remember growing up with lots of mixed/cold rain events in the 90s but we still had some good storms just much less frequent than we have become accustomed to over the last 10-20 years. Everything in life is cyclical including weather. I believe the 20s will be more docile regarding all snow events at the coast. We are due but are we really? Tons of moisture this year and into the early parts of this winter but unfortunately it hasn’t clashed with cold enough air. Frustrating. Another “normal” inland jack and coastal screw season in the works! BTW .56 of ice on everything North side of town will have damage from weight of ice. Fairfield, CT
  7. Awww you didn’t hit the jackpot? Unfortunately I have no sympathy for the foot plus u prob got when us coastal folk’ got a coating which melted away 3 hours ago. It was a unique and interesting system for sure, but would have loved if the coast would have gotten some love. Enjoy!
  8. Was North of Holyoke, MA last night driving back to coastal Fairfield County, CT and WOW, What a sharp gradient N to S in CT! 1-2 feet north of Hartford. Few inches south of city and about a coating to an inch on coast! Fairfield county has been absolutely ripped off last few years. Almost like becoming the new norm. It’s sad.. Congrats to our neighbors to the North! Enjoy it. Snow breeds snow, and it’s early!
  9. Measured between 9”/10” right on the beach in Black Rock, Bridgeport (South Coast CT). Not much wind either. Amazing basically nothing all Met winter (dec-feb) yet over 8” of wet snow on my boat in November which was still in the water at the dock btw and then almost a foot and a half over the weekend (both storms) in March smh. Anyways decent storm for all of SNE with exception of Cape. CT overachieved in just about every county. March sun angle is doing damage even with cold temps
  10. Thanks 4 update! Do you by any chance have a link or image?
  11. Can someone please explain the continuous snow hole / dry slot that has been showing up on just about every model run for just about every storm this season for SW CT. I’m not exaggerating, my other Fairfield County peeps would vouch for me. I’m honestly curious, it’s obviously more than just coincidence.
  12. Hmm odd, despite the radar showing absolutely nothing over Bridgeport it’s been lightly snowing for past hour or so, strange? Streets covered and grass as well guessing half inch edit: starting to get returns now. Radar wasn’t updating. Getting late time for bed..
  13. Sorry to be negative but if anyone thinks that track will hold until Sunday they are setting themselves up for disappointment. These storms trend north. Snow breeds snow. This will end up being a CNE/NNE special. I hope I’m wrong but there is just too much time for this to come north.
  14. True. Forgot about the years following 96. I was very young but remember those years very well. 1996 was the year I fell in love with snow and watching the weather channel haha
  15. I’m 29 years old and cannot remember a winter less snowy in SW CT. Only year that comes to mind is 2001-2002 which I remember us still getting a storm during the “winter” of 6”+ from a single event. I believe it was the same storm the “tuck rule” game was played in (NE vs OAK). This storm looks to be following a similar suit as previous events this season. 2-4” general for SNE with the exception of course SW CT (1”-2”) very sad year for snow lovers in Fairfield County.