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  1. Ended up with another about 8 or 9” here in SW CT. Nice little event for sure. Loving the pack developing here. Looks to only get deeper too! Starting to look like 2011 and 2015 around here!
  2. Snow breeds snow. I’ve always believed in that. Bands are setting up in similar areas as last storm it looks like. White out conditions in Fairfield. Probably at least an inch per hour rates at moment. 30 degrees.
  3. I think we are mostly done here with the accumulating snows. Great storm for coastal SW CT. 18” total. If we can squeeze out another inch or two, it’s all extra
  4. I’m in black rock on water and am averaging 17” still snowing pretty good
  5. They had 10.5 at 12:51.lmao that measurement is not correct
  6. Bridgeport has to be getting close to 20” by now
  7. Just when I thought it was going to start to let up it just started RAGING AGAIN! Let’s keep this rolling
  8. I’m with you man. Nemo was the craziest for sure. We ended up with almost 40” that storm but this one is definitely holding her own in SW CT
  9. Closing in on a foot and a half. Still ripping. Coastal SW CT
  10. We have had blizzard criteria conditions since about 11am non stop
  11. Plus it’s so wind whipped. Serious drifting
  12. I was just at Jennings beach. I live in Black Rock section of Bridgeport. On black rock harbor. I’ll go out soon to measure.
  13. Absolutely ripping here in Fairfield CT on the beach! Havent measured but looks like at least 16”