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  1. Hot temps next week and no snow. Wow.
  2. I’ll keep stopping by if you just stop generally
  3. More than I could say about anything you post
  4. Yeah I don’t know what he’s looking at
  5. Current torch period underperforming for WNC
  6. The moisture isn’t gone...maybe if you’re only looking at the OP GFS.
  7. They will be better at 12z. Let’s not panic.
  8. I don't get what all the panic is this sub is about...I just looked at the almanac and y'all have been like +1 until yesterday...normal NYC fluctuations, and yes they are quite warm at times but that's what the new climate looks like.
  9. Why all the sudden panic over the GFS?
  10. Not gonna happen that way. It’s a long range American if it showed big show we’d all be hesitant.
  11. Models suggest we get winter after MLK.
  12. Is the pattern ++++AN or just bad for snow?
  13. What a nightmare. I’m afraid this is just what winter is like now. Thanks boomers.
  14. The overnight runs don’t look too bad to me...average
  15. I’m from NY originally. How common is U50s/60s on Xmas in these parts?
  16. GEFS. They look just like the EPS.