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  1. Heat blast this weekend...then what's the change looking like?
  2. Interesting. It feels hot, but not historic. I wonder if this sort of thing is going to become commonplace.
  3. Is what's happening right now historic in any capacity?
  4. Do we heatwave again next week?
  5. I like the thick/tall verbiage. Understood.
  6. Wait so are we talking record smashing heat wave?
  7. How hot are we thinking, y'all?
  8. How hot is this in terms of practical wx?
  9. Early July torch city?
  10. Holocaust ........ c'mon, be sensitive! That said, wha'chu mean?
  11. What's the LR looking like heat-wize
  12. I heard the other day was the warmest we get till 2019
  13. Heard a met friend say the other day could be the hottest we get until August.
  14. LurkerBoy

    March or BUST! - Pattern & Model Discussion

    WHAT do you mean?