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  1. I look at the models. But I want Met interpretation.
  2. Which models support it? I wouldn't worry too much. If it happens though it'd definitely mute the cold departures of the past couple weeks.
  3. Big torch after thanksgiving?
  4. That's not two days in 60's. especially for interior.
  5. Lol, that means we’ll probably torch now.
  6. Looking pretty seasonal all da way through. I'll take it. Feels like forever since we had a normal end to Nov and beginning to December. Even the warm stabs don't seem as torchy as they could be!
  7. Wait is it bad? It looks like seasonal into early Dec
  8. Your posts read like you wield a thesaurus at all times.
  9. Do you purposefully make your posts overly verbose and hard to understand?
  10. Sleet in NYC. How's the LR looking folks?
  11. Feeling.....panic.....must.....ask how the LR looks...
  12. Facts