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  1. Isn’t it always a torch towards the end?
  2. Are temps torched, or is it just too warm to snow?
  3. Yep, I guess we torch, just in time for Christmas, as always.
  4. So, as always, the GFS and the Euro are on different pages when it comes to the Xmas torch. And, just like always, I'm sure the GFS will cave to the Grinch Euro.
  5. I think model-wise we’re fine. CFS meaningless
  6. Anyone have any thoughts on what the pattern will look like come festivus?
  7. Hey y’all, didn’t mean to cause any annoyance. I was literally just asking if it seemed like a lock or not - not asking for someone to “lock it up”. Sometimes LR warmth is 98% likely. Looks like this year it’s not as easy as that. I’ve been enjoying this year so far - feels like one from my youth. All I want is sweaters to not suffocate me on a post-xmas walk.
  8. Looks like we fluctuate from BN to AN and avg right in the middle, a bit (-). No real huge storms on horizon. Talk of a potential warm up mid month...probably inevitable. Just hope the holidays can be nippy rather than balmy.
  9. This contradicts CAPES latest post. Time will tell!
  10. Things be looking up a bit in model world.
  11. How’s the LR looking? To me it seems we oscillate between AN and BN but avg out around normal for temps. Mostly rain but with some mood flake potential.
  12. Surprised nobody is talking about the mini torch tomorrow! Afterwards looks quite ripe.