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  1. 6-8 inches is the forecast and not even an advisory. Has to be a joke right?
  2. Lets end the winter with a bang.... why not
  3. I was just gonna ask if anyone heard thunder. Thanks for the confirmation!!!!
  4. Because why not... this will lock in for sure....
  5. I will start next weeks storm thread.... the day of the storm..... no need for any bad luck....
  6. at least the 3 inches of ***** on top of the existing snow pack acts as a protector to preserve our pack.
  7. Okay just changed to all sleet. 5-6 hours ahead of schedule. My 2-4 inch call is looking great.
  8. That observation is inaccurate. I am south of Penn Yan and snow and sleet mixed. 80% snow still. Edit: Ignore I am north of Penn Yan makes sense.
  9. CC map says I have but ground observations tell a different tale. hanging on to snow for dear life.
  10. Did you feel the snow in your bare hands. It literally feels like sugar.... same texture
  11. well looks like 2 inches in Geneva will be the final total for snow. Just about to change over the sleet now. Should hit Rochester within the next hour or 2. Wayyyy ahead of schedule.