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  1. kinda looks like cold air damming.
  2. My car is shit in the snow. The smallest amount on the roads and I am sliding like crazy. As long at the storm ends before I plan on hitting the road to drive(around 4PM on Saturday), I should be fine. Obviously I would love to ski in powder, just wish the timing of the storm was better.
  3. Let's smoke cirrus that would be nice. Seriously I do love snow but i am all but snowed out.
  4. Hopefully the east trend continues. I am going to be going skiing on Saturday. While fresh snow at Bristol would be nice, do not want to drive in the snow.
  5. really surprised no Severe Thunderstorm warning. Would meet criteria for wind.
  6. Snowpack instantly replaced i love it! So pretty much continuous snowpack for over a month now!
  7. Just got a direct exposure. About to see how well the booster actually works. 100% exposed. Based on what I know I have a 2-3 window to see if symptoms develop.
  8. lol wtf, geneva got way more than 6.8 inches. What are they smoking? Maybe they didn't snowboard correctly/account for compaction.
  9. They will with existing snow cover. You measure all the way ofc.
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