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  1. Tornados warnings currently to the south of us btw with the storms moving north. The other Warned cell turned out to be nothing in my immediate area.
  2. Just got the EAS alert for tornado warning!
  3. Tornado warning just issued for me wish me luck
  4. I wonder if NHC has enough information for an upgrade. 105 mph winds detected 400-600 feet above the surface on the coast.
  5. Looks like recon about to go in for most likely one last pass before landfall....
  6. Whats the typical reduction percentage from flight level to what would translate at the surface. Aka what would 117 knots translate to at the surface with the reduction.
  7. Correction: They found 117 knot flight level winds unflagged. Def warrants a cat 2 upgrade 95 mph @ 11 pm
  8. Recon has sampled.... So far...... 985.5mb extrapolated 69 knot surface winds
  9. Getting there is kind of complicated.... direct link,20-WPAC-04W.SINLAKU,20-WPAC-93W.INVEST&SIZE=Thumb&PHOT=yes&NAV=tc&ATCF_BASIN=al&ATCF_YR=2020&ATCF_FILE=/SATPRODUCTS/kauai_data/www/atcf_web/public_html/image_archives/2020/al092020.20080212.gif&CURRENT_ATCF_FILE=/SATPRODUCTS/kauai_data/www/atcf_web/public_html/image_archives/2020/al092020.20080212.gif&CURRENT=20200802.2300.goes17.x.vis1km_high.09LISAIAS.60kts-994mb-274N-797W.100pc.jpg&CURRENT_ATCF=al092020.20080212.gif&ATCF_NAME=al092020&ATCF_DIR=/SATPRODUCTS/kauai_data/www/atcf_web/public_html/image_archives/2020&MO=AUG&BASIN=ATL&STYLE=tables&YEAR=2020&YR=20&STORM_NAME=09L.ISAIAS&ARCHIVE=active&AREA=pacific/southern_hemisphere&AID_DIR=/SATPRODUCTS/kauai_data/www/atlantic/tropics/microvap/dmsp&DIR=/SATPRODUCTS/TC/tc20/ATL/09L.ISAIAS/tc_ssmis/91h/2degreeticks&TYPE=tc_ssmis&PROD=91h&SUB_PROD=2degreeticks
  10. You read that wrong. That is flight level winds. Unless that is what you meant???
  11. I hope this isn't a dumb question. Why does it seem like generally that tropical cyclones don't produce as much lightning as lets say supercells or even just regular non-severe thunderstorms when the convection is just as deep most times.