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  1. Interesting this was included in the SVR warning that I got.
  2. God I hope this is wrong.
  3. I can't verify if this is real or not but apparently an EAS alert was sent out for Santa Clara County in California. Source:
  4. trough on gfs is sharper/ higher heights at hr 36 should be an improvement based on h5 alone...
  5. Divide this total by 2 and it would still be acceptable
  6. You could tell early on, the trough was sharper/ higher heights
  7. Per gfs snow starts in 84-90 hours. from wave 2 that is
  8. Zoomed in Snowfall map with ratios If I'm not mistaken on the CCB, ratios would be higher than 10:1
  9. Don't like what I see early on the gfs. I think we won't like this run. Will be glad to eat my words.
  10. I don't post a lot here. I thought I just share that the ukmet is now available for free on pivotal.