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  1. Wish we had recon certainty looks better than 100 mph.
  2. Water Temperatures north of the gulf stream near the NYC area range from 21-24 C. Not sure what the average is but how soon would you expect an increase to 26 C(minimum requirement for TC).
  3. Yup it is I clearly see it now. No evidence of a secondary wind maxima.
  4. I would think pressure data alone supports cat 5 considering they found 145-150 mph winds at 943mb. I think it is reasonable to assume the winds increased with the pressure drop before the wind field started to expand with the ERC causing the winds to decrease as the pressure gradient decreased. Anyways off to bed now already 1 in the morning.
  5. Pressure is down to 932mb but winds do not support cat 5 maybe because of eyewall replacement cycle? Can it be inferred it was a cat 5 at one point or not enough data
  6. It very well could have been a cat 5 and we might never know, lets see what recon has to say.
  7. Averages 77mm of snow. And yes studying abroad. Also, If I can, I will try to be there the whole year. Depends if I can get an internship and extend my visa.
  8. It is a shame radarscope does not work in Germany. I am studying there for 4 months and trying to figure out a good radar website lol.
  9. Correct me if I am wrong but generally the larger the eye, the more stable the eye is and less susceptible it is to eye-wall replacement cycles. Fun fact btw, the largest eye ever recorded was around 230 miles across.
  10. This is really cool, NHC podcast on Ida https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/audio/202108281706.mp3
  11. obviously not realistic but..... still funny to look at the same model also shows 200 knot winds or 230 mph at 850mb.
  12. maybe this depicts the maximum theoretical strength that the hurricane could get based off of ocean temps but idk...
  13. 6-8 inches is the forecast and not even an advisory. Has to be a joke right?
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