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  1. Not sure but I think this site might give a better representation of the mean. It is found at
  2. Ended up doing pretty well. Final storm storm total of around 9 inches which includes the layer of sleet below.
  3. Don’t know how accurate this is but according to the CC the sleet/ snow line is here currently.
  4. Don’t know how much of this is sleet but gfs looks good from Rochester through Syracuse.
  5. Should be interesting for me as I’ll be traveling back to Geneva, NY from NYC on Sunday. Hopefully the snow isn’t too bad on the way. It seems like Rochester will be the cutoff for the plowable snows.
  6. I am staying in Geneva, NY. It is near the top of Seneca Lake. That is where the college I go to is which is Hobart and William Smith Colleges.
  7. I have been lurking for a while and I would like to finally introduce myself. I am originally from the Philadelphia suburbs. I now reside in Western New York during the school year where I go to College. I am currently pursuing a degree in Atmospheric Sciences a caveat though is that my College technically doesn't have that so I plan on majoring in Geosciences which has some meteorology courses with that major. My hope is to eventually get a PhD in Atmospheric Sciences. Now enough about me, hoping that my first winter up in Upstate New York will be an interesting one!
  8. Hello greetings from California. Helping out with the wild fires with FEMA Corps. I got to say it’s nice when you get to see the model runs come in early. I will be coming back to mid Atlantic for winter break from late December to Early January so it would be nice getting snow around then. For the young people on this forum AmeriCorps is a great opportunity.
  9. I’m really jealous of the snow you guys got. I missed it as I am away from home. Currently on a Deployment with FEMA. Word is Delco got a couple of inches.
  10. Weather radio went off for a Tornado Warning [emoji26] .