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  1. Kappa is the next storm on the list. Looks like there is a good chance for "subtropical storm kappa" out in the open Atlantic. NHC currently has 30% odds through 5 days. It would be appropriate if we ended the season on Kappa to "cap off" the hurricane season.
  2. you should really reference your sources
  3. anyone know if he is okay? his last post was a little before the pandemic turned this country upside down.
  4. famous last words dude. Do not jinx it.
  5. Maybe ill be able to study-abroad in Australia after all.
  6. they only found 110 mph winds so far, also evidence of a secondary wind max
  7. I am guessing they only find up to 145 mph winds. We will see very shortly
  8. not 100% true for sure. They did not go through the strongest part of the storm typically.
  9. a blend of sfmr and flight data still supports min cat 5.
  10. I'm guessing they find 910mb. Sat presentation does look a little bit better.
  11. it can't be retired. This has already been talked about.
  12. Greek letters don't get retired. It would be known as "ETA 2020" but the name does not get retired.
  13. I assume that means you can identify a mesovort with the radar. I would assume they used their plane radar to know when/where to exit.