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  1. 36mph gusts at RIC, limbs and a tree down outside my office.
  2. Clearing out at RIC. Only a few clouds, really warming up.
  3. Donut Hole in Southern VA. Heading to RVA
  4. Came home from work and we had a few drops of rain then it cleared out to a light cloud cover, could see the sun when the lower clouds raced by. The squall in NC is producing a Severe Thunderstorm Warning with 70mph Gusts.
  5. 2nd round of storms seem to be speeding up faster than we thought
  6. Clouds seem to be thinning out at RIC
  7. Tornado Warning is now a Severe Warning. Satellite is showing decreasing cloud coverage in NC/SW VA
  8. Yeah, low top and quick spin up
  9. Fart like a butterfly and it stings like a bee?
  10. Hyphnx

    Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    Getting pretty warm in RVA. Cloud cover has increased. Had peaks of sun this morning for a few hours.
  11. Sweet, maybe the whole subforum can cash out at once. What an exit.