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  1. 36mph gusts at RIC, limbs and a tree down outside my office.
  2. Clearing out at RIC. Only a few clouds, really warming up.
  3. Came home from work and we had a few drops of rain then it cleared out to a light cloud cover, could see the sun when the lower clouds raced by. The squall in NC is producing a Severe Thunderstorm Warning with 70mph Gusts.
  4. 2nd round of storms seem to be speeding up faster than we thought
  5. Tornado Warning is now a Severe Warning. Satellite is showing decreasing cloud coverage in NC/SW VA
  6. Fart like a butterfly and it stings like a bee?
  7. Getting pretty warm in RVA. Cloud cover has increased. Had peaks of sun this morning for a few hours.
  8. Sweet, maybe the whole subforum can cash out at once. What an exit.