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  1. As @WxUSAF mentioned, it's kinda nice to hear that snow reports this morning indicate nice sized flakes. Hope that bodes well as the day goes on.
  2. Nothing here yet. Awaiting what will happen later on. Hopefully it will be picturesque enough for some photos!!
  3. LOL! Perfect! I actually saw trucks out earlier brining the roads. Is that the PRE brine event then?
  4. OK, here goes. Though not sure I'm familiar with all of those or had them all... --Old Fashioned, as in a Manhattan (Maker's Mark, preferably!) --Martini (slightly dirty, I do prefer vodka over gin, sorry @stormtracker!) --Margarita (salted rim) --Daquiri (strawberry preferably. No banana!!) --Mojito (only have had a couple) --Pina Colada Haven't really had a gin/tonic or a Moscow Mule. I generally am not a fan of gin, but if it's quality stuff then it's great! I don't care for feeling like I'm chewing on a pine tree!
  5. With you there! Though I don't drink stuff like that much anymore, there really is nothing like a fountain Cherry Coke. Or even the "old fashioned" way, regular Coke with cherry syrup!
  6. Yup, RC was "Royal Crown" cola! I remember that one. I honestly can't handle soft drinks as much anymore, at least the "regular" ones, they're just too sugary for me beyond a few sips or gulps. And even "diet" versions, I only have those upon occasion.
  7. I remember waaaay back when "New Coke" came out and it was such a flop failure they had to put the "Coke Classic" back on the shelves and then they eventually removed New Coke. I think the biggest insult to them was that many people said New Coke tasted almost like...Pepsi!!!
  8. Wow, I read that in the other thread and couldn't believe it. Talk about over the top reaction. Sorry you had to deal with that...uncalled for and not deserved in any way. I actually sort of remember the "little girls" comment in relation to the model rant from earlier this month.
  9. I stared at this line for a good, long while and actually began to see some Shakespeare in there! And that 2+2=5. Perhaps a bit of Chaucer as well.
  10. Is that DT's pre-first-guess not quite first-call for next weekend?? Hahaha, 'd by @stormtracker!
  11. Then step into the other thread, ask if another thread should be started...etc.! Like those perpetual pictures that show someone painting themselves painting a scene, which shows themselves painting the same scene, which shows...!
  12. Pretty much. I mean there was a wave/low that formed but it wasn't some bomb with a ton of wind. It really was a boatload of moisture and strong uplift over a very cold airmass. Many areas actually went to sleet for some time, after over a foot or more already fell. I remember the snow came in like a wall predawn on Sunday (Feb. 16), and by early-mid Sunday morning there were already like 6" on the ground where I was at.
  13. <Ji>Meh. I'm not spending the next week following a mediocre 9-12" snow, when the 2 feet the GFS gave us last week for tomorrow's event turned into a disaster!</Ji>
  14. Those are the best kind. Get some good cold in here that won't move out, and throw a bunch of moisture over-top! I'm not comparing this here or saying it's headed in this direction, but that's really all that PD-II was in 2003. Not a huge, bombed-out storm.
  15. Yeah, I've been getting a little more than half-heartedly interested in a potential overrunning event with sold cold air in place. It's shown up on deterministic runs of the GFS in one way or another around the first weekend of Feb for a little while now. Could be quite interesting if that is where we are headed!
  16. Enough with the fruits and veggie talk! All that really matters in the world is BACON!!!!
  17. You know what happens when you play a country song backward, right?? Your truck starts, your girlfriend comes back, and your dog lives!
  18. That movie has one of the top movie rants of all time! Chevy Chase with his "Jelly of the month club" bonus!! Up there with Steve Martin in "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" (a Thanksgiving movie!!).
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