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  1. Storm just north of downtown dc seemed to get its act together in a hurry.
  2. Rippage in West Springfield. 30.5/29. All has caved.
  3. Can confirm some pinging downtown DC. Why do I get the feeling we could be in for a another commutagetton, at least for the north and west bound folks?
  4. That northern eyewall is looking fierce. So are we not getting any more recon at all? I know they stop once landfall happens but here "landfall" over the key will be followed by an 80 mile trek over open water.
  5. While it looks now like a best case scenario for Florida with Irma being torn up over Cuba then going far west of Miami-Dade, we won't have any clarity until she turns north and we can narrow down the landfall location and see IF she is able to intensify. Best to step away for 12 hours. I do feel bad for all those ppl on in SE Florida who evacuated (probably) unnecessarily, but until forecasting gets better there was really no other choice given the potential and what the models were showing just 36 hours ago.
  6. Getting away from land will help, but at the same time it will be fighting shear and dry air.
  7. Seems to me that NWS is most effective at communicating when it has credibility. It the data supports a 125 mph storm, NWS should say so.
  8. Eastern eye wall just passed through Beef Island/Tortula Airport (EIS). Are there any obs coming from that location?
  9. Looks like the banding structure is really getting organized now.
  10. Are you? Besides Galveston Bay and the barrier islands (which drain quickly), what is consequential? Are you
  11. Of course but too may people are talking about a "firehose" and how the radar is showing a "worst case" when these rates aren't going to affect the situation on ground (which is serious). This is a river flooding event now not flash, and tonight's rain isn't really a factor.
  12. Guys, the hyperbole isn't helpful. Tonight's rain is NBD at rates less than 1"/hour. River flooding will be real in spots but this isn't the end times for Houston.
  13. Band getting going west of Houston. If it's going to happen this is it.