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  1. Well one more day here in Redfield. We had 10” yesterday. May ride north a bit today and see what’s happening. Hoping things drop south to give us another 6” at least. Heading out early tomorrow.
  2. From 7pm tonight. Huge shift north and I don’t see me getting another 12-18”
  3. Snow has really picked up again here. Seems like the wind is picking up too. Hope we can hang on to it for awhile. The snow that is.. I could do without the wind.
  4. 8" so far but snow is light and blowing around at the moment. Someone help me out... what is the best radar to use for up here?
  5. Yep! 7” and near whiteout here. Wolfie, this band going to camp out here a little while? Going out to enjoy a bit!
  6. Just need that wind to hang on for awhile.
  7. 4” so far in 5 hours. Keep me posted on the wind direction. 12z RGEM was WAY north but still spreads enough around for 12-18”. Come on GFS haha
  8. Your prediction of Watertown looks legit if models keep trending north. Sad! May not even snow most of the day tomorrow.
  9. A little over 2.5” here since the flip. Need that wind direction Wolfie for later!
  10. I don’t know about you guys but whether I get 3” or 3’, I could wake up to this every morning. I’m going to enjoy every flake before spring!
  11. Here and in place for whatever this thing has in store. Better snowpack than I thought there would be.
  12. 3.5 hours and I’ll be setting up shop. Just stopped for some dinner. Super foggy in PA!
  13. Wolfie - almost every model still gives us 24”+. A lot of the short range models stop at 12z Friday. Best snows for us may still be yet to come Friday. I’m staying optimistic for now haha
  14. I could see this stay north. I’ve been up many times and Carol gets 3’ and I get 6”. Really hope that’s not the case, but always on the table.