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  1. Great QLCS action tonight in OK
  2. I think it's fake. Visibility was wayyyyyyy lower all throughout that warmfront area
  3. I was right behind that Salina thing and saw nothing I did see damage to the sign for the orphan train museum near MM245 but it was isolated and probably straight line
  4. I am stuck near Abilene KS. It's just too crazy out. Why did I decide to bail on Pratt and chase HP warm front sups? This was dumb.
  5. lol...yet people here use it as evidence that a bust is coming...
  6. in pratt....tower city out here with a million chasers
  7. I'm in hutchinson, chilling.
  8. you headed out today?
  9. Dis gon be good
  10. i was all over the bucklin cell. chased it from near mineola up through great bend. hard to tell where the tornado was...i never saw it clearly through all the rain, despite having great positioning there definitely was one, though...when i rolled through pawnee rock i saw obvious ef-0 and 1 damage. honestly the hairiest part was the flooding on 183 in kinsley. i didnt turn around and thankfully didnt drown some pics and a vid:
  11. Heading a little more south but I am looking golden
  12. Chillin 5 ssw of bucklin KS. Not really sure what to do. The panhandle is still pretty far away and I don't feel like driving there.
  13. fixing to head out soon. not sure where i am headed.
  14. Best city on earth
  15. who is "they"?