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  1. Tropical Cyclones Forecast Errors

    yeah, of course track errors mean intensity differences. i would encourage you to think in terms of heat content instead of SST's, though...they are a better gauge for RI/the feedback loops you are wondering about...
  2. January Banter String

    he been looking up jonger's photos?
  3. merging philly back would be admitting defeat. your forefathers fought hard for independence. shame.
  4. it's almost like TWC buying it was a bad idea
  5. Possible Infection of Site

    how did it know my computer is filled with porn?
  6. another bust for forky
  7. Weatherbo, check in you dork.

    you guys seriously were googling about dead bodies that's the way i want to go out. make my online friends prowl local newspapers for me.
  8. Weatherbo, check in you dork.

    most suspenseful thread since jomo was incommunicado after the tornado
  9. December Banter String

    "correct" temp is a construct. do whatever you feel like.
  10. i just want something fatty and high contrast. the 3 tornadoes i saw this year were underwhelming af compared to 2016.
  11. December Banter String

    crack isnt a drug you snort
  12. Displacement of Stratophere Polar Vortex

    what does this mean for sensible weather in Kansas?
  13. Hurricane Maria

    What is 3 then if not Maria?
  14. Hurricane Maria

    You saying maybe top 3 instead of being definitive makes me think Odile must have been nuts. At least that’s what I’m assuming must be the storm in question.