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  1. wonder when orographic effects will start harming this
  2. is that from AGW?
  3. thanks jojo, i promise to be safe
  4. even more jinxing
  5. you're already jinxing your derecho...
  6. i was on the fence about going out but i think i'll try near SLN and hope to catch a decent sup prior to congealment...
  7. Great QLCS action tonight in OK
  8. I think it's fake. Visibility was wayyyyyyy lower all throughout that warmfront area
  9. I was right behind that Salina thing and saw nothing I did see damage to the sign for the orphan train museum near MM245 but it was isolated and probably straight line
  10. I am stuck near Abilene KS. It's just too crazy out. Why did I decide to bail on Pratt and chase HP warm front sups? This was dumb.
  11. lol...yet people here use it as evidence that a bust is coming...
  12. in pratt....tower city out here with a million chasers
  13. I'm in hutchinson, chilling.
  14. you headed out today?
  15. Dis gon be good