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  1. Excited about possibilities for NETN on Sunday. I've had 4 dustings so far - just NW of Johnson City. So MRX saying potential significant snowfall for northern sections is the best news I've heard in a while. Maps have different signs but only the good Lord knows how much falls from the sky and how much eventually accumulates. Hoping for 4 or more!!!
  2. 33 degrees with snow burst here in Gray,TN. Ground is white.
  3. Thanks for that synopsis. Very informative. Isn't it funny that we watch weather so closely and we have absolutely no control over it? Who would have thought it would be 69 degrees in East TN today, Jan. 16!!!
  4. Kingsport, TN, 29 degrees and very light snow for about 3 hours now but only a dusting.
  5. Local MET on WCYB just said 1-2 inches for TRI tonight with additional 2-4 Fri night into Saturday. Trend is up...
  6. MRX not impressed with model divergence. Very low confidence in accumulating snow fall in East TN Valley.
  7. Largest snowflakes I had seen since '98 this morning. Looked like potato chips falling feom the sky. At our place in Colonial Heights we had around 5 inches. Roads are so slushy now it is like driving in mud. Sleet and frz rain presently @32.