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  1. Oh wow, it looks really good now. I take back my noreaster comment.
  2. Ooh, thanks for the link! It actually looks pretty good there.
  3. Very impressive looking for a noreaster.
  4. Really big storm; reminds me of the way Ike started looking right before landfall (albeit much weaker).
  5. Looks pretty terrible right now.
  6. By nasty, I meant it was starting to look better, not worse. Sorry. And yeah, definitely looks like hot towers near the center now.
  7. Starting to look rather nasty. http://weather.msfc.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/get-goes?satellite=GOES-E CONUS&lat=25&lon=-87&info=ir&zoom=2&width=1000&height=800&quality=90&type=Animation&palette=ir3.pal&numframes=30&mapcolor=black
  8. I remember people pulling their hair out over Bill last year.
  9. If this damn thing goes another update without being named, expect a suicide attempt.
  10. Probably having an affair with the epac.
  11. It's not textbook yet but it looks like it's trying to be. Less of an Isabel and more of an Epsilon, basically. When was the last time we had an annular storm in the Atlantic?
  12. It's like Elena's illegitimate daughter. Just make up your mind and do something.
  13. I can't wait for it to troll us for the billionth time and fall apart!
  14. Rita was in the open gulf, though. Most of the models seem to be suggesting that this will have much less time to strengthen before another landfall. Plus, Rita was already an organizing hurricane by the time it was able to start bombing out, and given its track record, we'll still be waiting for this one to even get a name.
  15. It's getting a decent curve to it now, at least. Hot towers started popping up around 19:15 UTC (still have no idea what time that is converted ).
  16. Unlikely, but looking at that just made me really nostalgic for 2008.
  17. Oh. Thanks. Still really impressive scouring though. I'm not experienced in damage photos but if you told me it was EF-5 scouring I wouldn't disbelieve it. I was amazed at the amount of scrutinization that goes on with determining strength from pictures like this over on another forum... people were coming up with things I wouldn't have begun to think of, like the type of soil, what was growing in the field, depth of scouring, etc. Gave me a headache. One of my favorite videos ever comes from the Henryville tornado (language warning btw).
  18. That looks like a bare slab near the end of the scar there. This was only given an EF-3 rating?
  19. We have the Valerie Harper of invests here!
  20. New subforum. 99L might end up being one of the biggest anticlimaxes since LOST.
  21. I'm not terribly interested in another northern gulf halfacane collapsing at landfall and yet causing needless destruction anyway.
  22. Reminds me of that Andrew video on youtube that features a 911 call on the morning after. Some woman calls to tell them the power is out, lmfao.