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  1. I mean, I know stronger hurricanes get moats, but that would be the biggest one I've ever seen.
  2. http://www.sfwmd.gov/portal/page/portal/xweb weather/current weather conditions (south florida large scale loop) Definitely looks like an ERC. What are the chances it's finished by landfall?
  3. The Palm Beach International METAR was kinda cool: Still doesn't beat Homestead's "GONE WITH THE WIND" METAR before Andrew.
  4. It looks like it's trying to develop a rather small eye, though, not the giant ones associated with annular storms. I think it's just unusual to see such a large storm be so organized and it gives the illusion of being annular, like Katrina.
  5. Yeah, I figured Hazel was just a knee-jerk weenie comparison... I can't really think of any past tracks that would be quite like this. The closest I could think was David, which really isn't that similar either.
  6. It wouldn't be moving as fast as Hazel though, would it?
  7. It's looked the best it's ever looked on AVN with a nice CDG almost wrapped completely around the eye. I'll be floored if they don't find a cat5 at this point.
  8. NHC went conservative. I swear if this ends up being another victim of the 135kt curse...
  9. First cat 5 in 9 years! And in almost the exact same area as the last cat 5.
  10. Yet again we have our catastrophic late September east coast rider to get all the weenies in a stir. I feel like this happens every year now.
  11. I've never been so pissed to wake up to the sun in my life.
  12. I hope I at least get some rain and wind out of this. I went *grocery shopping* last night.
  13. That surprises me considering it looks to be undergoing RI and that usually makes the surface winds surprisingly impressive.
  14. Actually it's closer to the coast than I thought from looking at the sat pictures. The radar shows how near landfall it is. I take the cat 3 comment back too.
  15. If it keeps RI'ing it might come close to cat 3 territory.
  16. Oh wow, it looks really good now. I take back my noreaster comment.
  17. Ooh, thanks for the link! It actually looks pretty good there.
  18. Very impressive looking for a noreaster.
  19. Really big storm; reminds me of the way Ike started looking right before landfall (albeit much weaker).
  20. Looks pretty terrible right now.
  21. By nasty, I meant it was starting to look better, not worse. Sorry. And yeah, definitely looks like hot towers near the center now.
  22. Starting to look rather nasty. http://weather.msfc.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/get-goes?satellite=GOES-E CONUS&lat=25&lon=-87&info=ir&zoom=2&width=1000&height=800&quality=90&type=Animation&palette=ir3.pal&numframes=30&mapcolor=black