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  1. Took this picture on the way home, because the sky looked quite gust front-y to me; yet there is still nothing close to the Fredericksburg area on the radar. What gives?
  2. Just checking, am I watching the right stream? http://kfor.com/on-air/ios-live-streaming/
  3. Could it be possible that the debris is more from straightline winds and the spinups are just lofting it high enough to be detected on radar? Sounds weird, but TDS from spinups aren't exactly common themselves. Edit: Now that I think about it, this seems similar to the mini-outbreak in Kansas on May 19, 2012. They formed from a line and seemed very landspout-ish.
  4. One of those freaky wedges where it looks like the whole meso is on the ground. Also one of the best inflow jets I've seen on video.
  5. Another day that shows that a nightmare scenario in Dallas is a matter of when and not if.
  6. That's definitely what it looked like. I started having flashbacks to when TWC accidentally streamed dead bodies after Joplin. What was that large mangled object in the parking lot with all the damaged cars? A bus?
  7. I can almost smell the disappointment in this thread.
  8. That huge cell over Cochran, Eastman, etc. is inflow notch madness.
  9. WOW. You don't hear that every day! Unfortunately no good photos will probably come out of this because they'll be rain-wrapped.
  10. So is the breakfast round not playing out like we thought? I'm not hearing much so far.
  11. Wasn't the 4/15/11 outbreak the only time that southern VA has ever been in a high risk area? EDIT: wait, that was 4/16/11, the day after?
  12. It seems like all the classic Dixie Alley sweet spots are in the line of fire tomorrow... Huntsville, Birmingham, etc.
  13. OMG One of the impressive things about today was how "crowded" all the activity was and yet most of the cells still managed to fire off.
  14. What's up with the blank gap for Fredericksburg? Are we going to be in some bizarre sweet spot that doesn't get anything?
  15. So are we getting a round 2 or is this it?
  16. We're getting a decent storm here in Fredericksburg. Best part was you could hear the roar approaching before it got here. I'm satisfied lmao
  17. Days like this I really miss TWC. It was always hilariously overhyped but it was good background noise to listen to when I was in weather mode. Accuweather looks like it's being televised from a local elementary school on a budget of popsicle sticks.
  18. I was about to say bring us your hurricanes but then I remembered what N Gulf hurricanes looked like and I decided you can keep them.
  19. The sun is having a death match with the clouds here. My window blinds are basically changing hue every 30 seconds or so. Already nice and breezy!
  20. My mom keeps mentioning how she's reading about tornadoes on Saturday but that looks much more like a plain straight-line wind threat.