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  1. Definitely, this is the most full-package storm that the US has seen since Hugo. It's just classic.
  2. Something that isn't mentioned a lot, but I've always found interesting: The people who survive this are still in for potentially years of psychological effects. I can't find it anymore, but I read a research paper one time about survivors of Hugo and Andrew's eyewalls developing full-fledged PTSD. (The end of this page mentions a Hurricane Janet survivor still waking up with nightmares 20 years later: http://www.canebeard.com/andrew.html)
  3. His phone died, he just said so on another stream. Edit: Now that I think about it, it might have been a fake. I don't know how he would be telling the chat his phone died if his phone was dead.
  4. Jeff went from yawning to laughing to yelling within about thirty seconds. It's like we're watching a time lapse of the five stages of grief.
  5. Hopefully they didn't use that as a shelter. If it really is "Leveled" it probably got hit with a mini-swirl.
  6. You mean when the ahwol was tearing the roof off of the carwarsh?
  7. Stream might have just crashed for good?
  8. Please tell me it's possible to watch this Interscope stream later. This is indescribable.
  9. I'll have to remember to send a thank you note to that mic.
  10. The AVN scan looks better than ever. Red starting to wrap around the eye. Land friction, maybe?
  11. Oh man. Unless it miraculously weakens, this will be the most impressive-looking US landfall since Charley.
  12. The ERC is pretty much over. What you are seeing is remnant cloud debris breaking down inside the new eyewall. That should continue to clear out as long as convection doesn't refire with that old lingering cell. Thanks. Sorry for clogging up the thread with false info; I would have sworn that was an ERC.
  13. Looks to be undergoing yet another ERC.
  14. Yeah, but that was on a northern trend (like Audrey), so I don't know if that really counts. I guess Beulah and Carla were either slightly weakening or were steady-state.
  15. This is true, it's certainly not impossible for it to fall apart before landfall--I don't remember anyone expecting a storm like Patricia to collapse as drastically as she did, either. But, like you said, this isn't the northern gulf. TX hurricanes actually seem more prone than most to strengthen up to landfall; the only ones I can think of off the top of my head that were on a weakening trend were Rita and Bret.
  16. The eye that was forming on the floater I posted looked tiny, but you're right, it's still just clearing out.
  17. Words cannot express how much I loathe the new weather.com layout.
  18. What scares me about another potential 1938 is that NE'ers now think Sandy was the nightmare scenario. I can't picture them taking the warnings seriously. In the times that I've mentioned NE hurricanes in conversations with people, they immediately jump to power outages, like that's really the worst that can happen.
  19. So would this be an outbreak from Cindy remnants or is it unrelated? I got bored tracking Cindy because she was moving too slow.
  20. I know! I hope we get a cat5 this year within good range of it to look at in full GOES-16 glory. Or even just a RI'ing cat 4 with lots of eyewall lightning captured by the GLM.
  21. lol of course it's headed toward La Plata.