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  1. You mean to the floaters page? I've just been refreshing this.
  2. Convection really blew up on AVN within the last two frames:
  3. Don't know about the best, but this is the easiest to navigate imo: http://rammb.cira.colostate.edu/ramsdis/online/goes-16.asp
  4. What ever happened to that guy who posted a lot in the tropical threads last year, who iirc had his wedding photo as his avatar?
  5. Wow, she could stand to lose a few pounds.
  6. It isn't hurricane season to me until we have a post like this!
  7. My mom took this while she was out getting her steak. Apparently, downtown Fredericksburg has tornado sirens now! Now I’m disappointed I didn’t go with her. I would have loved to have heard that in real life.
  8. We really hit a jackpot here. I'd honestly say the most impressive thunderstorm I've been in since the derecho. Power is out, trees are down, roads are flooded, weather weenie is throbbing! Corresponding with the worst winds (around 4:35) the radar velocity showed some green patches within the red, just north of where I live. Nothing impressive but makes sense because the direction of the winds had practically no consistency at all. I was hoping to drive around and get pictures but I'm stuck between road closures. Recorded most of it from the window because I'm itching for a Darwin award but it was pretty much a whiteout during the worst of it so the footage probably isn't any good. Oh well. My mom made it back home with her steak just minutes before the first gusts, so a happy ending for everybody! ...Well, except I guess for the losers who only got a few thundershowers.
  9. And my mom is out in this because she wanted a prime rib from Outback.
  10. Whoa, that hail core that showed up NE of Culpeper on the 3 PM scan is sick.
  11. The hook on the 12:55 scan was really nice.
  12. They did the "Tornado: Possible" thing with the STW, so I've been more moronic before!
  13. Does the cell near Orange have a little rotation on it or am I being a moron?
  14. Dear Weather Prediction Center, I never thought this would happen to me...
  15. This reminds me a little bit of that coastal storm we got that seemed to linger over us for days back in late September of 2008. Anyone know what I'm talking about? The wind was a little bit stronger with that one but the steady, dreary rain and the 'Feel' outside was similar. If I woke up from a coma and walked outside today I would have bet money that it was September.
  16. And then we'll probably have some freak heat wave in December where we actually get the July-ish temperatures. Welcome to Virginia!
  17. Wait, really? Just the connection to tropical remnant spinups or something different?
  18. The 2011 population in Barbuda was only 1,638. If it really did kill 1,000+, that's a sizable chunk of the whole civilization.
  19. 915 is 1mb short of Janet's intensity in Chetumal.