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  1. Hey, this is really interesting! Do you have a link or some other form of reference that you could send me? I would love to see it.
  2. Yeah, Floyd was a huge mess at landfall. His circulation just about took up the entire eastern seaboard. Honestly, the only recent East Coast storms I know of that looked halfway decent were 1984's Dirty Troll Diana before she recurved and came right back like she forgot her car keys, and Hugo.
  3. Michael Laca is awesome, and a good friend of Max Hagen, who runs my favorite weather blog (although it hasn't been updated in nearly two years now, haha). Have you read the infamous 'Hurricane Camille Was Not a Category 5 at Landfall' article? Edit: Whoops, sorry if this is going too off-topic.
  4. Good lord, I don't even know what I'm looking at in that picture. Where is the eye even supposed to be? Heck, the radar picture of the 1944 storm probably had better quality! And I have no idea if the radar pic in my avatar is actually Celia. It just said it was in the description below it. This shot was apparently taken at 1300 whereas your picture was taken at 2000, but if anything your picture should look better, because it was explosively strengthening. Weird.
  5. Isn't my current avatar (which is just a placeholder until I find something better, that hasn't been posted a billion times before) the only radar shot that exists of Celia? I'll be honest, since it's from 1970 and I'm far from being a met, I have no idea what I'm looking at. Frederic's eyewall (which is rumored to have been roughly around the same intensity as Celia's at landfall) is weirdly disappointing too. Celia was a lot like Andrew in terms of the southern eyewall convection. Convective cells kept popping up ashore, blowing up and peaking over the Naranja area, and then dying back out. Maybe that has something to do with the northern eyewall looking so poor. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Whoa, the Goni image is sick. It's like Anita but with color. Charley is one of my favorite storms ever (along with Celia) because it was so powerful and yet so rarely talked about outside of the weather weenie circles. But, I'll admit, I've always been a little disappointed with the way the red never completely wrapped itself around the eye... Anyway, I'm actually kinda glad Patricia weakened the way that she did. I remember the moment the 879 reading came in from recon and thinking, "Wow, this might become Josh's Swan Island..." meaning, the storm that was so violent that it gives you PTSD, ala the guy who stayed huddled under the desk during Janet.
  7. Hey Josh! Newbie; big fan. We've talked on Youtube before under your Typhoon Danas video. I'm curious what you think the best eyewall ever captured on radar is? From what I've seen I'd definitely say Andrew but there are probably some lesser known ones that you know of.