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  1. I can barely see anything out my window now. Whiter than the front row of a Mumford and Sons concert.
  2. This absolutely obliterates the experience I had with the 2010 storm. I've never seen anything like this before. It's like a white Isabel.
  3. So I just stepped outside and waited for a gust to come and I chose the perfect moment to do so. Got one of the strongest yet almost as soon as I opened the door and got to experience blizzard conditions. I tried keeping my eyes open while the snow attacked them, tried holding the door steady (and failed) and tasted some flakes. Honestly one of the happiest moments of my life.
  4. The way this storm is deepening and exceeding expectations in so many places, I'm honestly surprised it doesn't have an eye yet.
  5. This is absolutely incredible. I'm amazed that the power hasn't gone out yet. And don't even get me started on Ocean City!
  6. Actually, it might have been a snow plow. Sorry.
  7. Pretty sure I just heard a small crack of thunder.
  8. Finally getting one of those insane bands here in Fredericksburg. Never seen anything like it!
  9. I hope this goes out with a bang. I'm already getting hit with the "This will be over tomorrow" blues!
  10. LMFAO everyone at NBC4 is getting tired. They just caught Aaron Gilchrest with his chair turned, texting somebody.
  11. About to finish my last cup of an entire pot of coffee. STAY WOKE, FAM. Looks like Richmond is getting a nice band right now. They've earned it!
  12. Pat Collins's snowstick feed keeps giving out and going black. Mother nature is blessing us in all kinds of ways on this beautiful Saturday!!
  13. Doug's computer just crashed in front of our very eyes.
  14. Just flipped the channel and saw it, and yeah, I think that's their normal winter map. Looks like a f***ing echocardiogram.
  15. Wait, seriously? Gravity waves? This storm has everything.
  16. The 77 mph wind in Ocean City is incredible.
  17. Will Fredericksburg get in on any of these epic whiteout-inducing bands with the huge gusts? It's just been a (albeit very impressive) snowstorm here so far.
  18. NBC4 needs to stop trying to make "Snow Nino" happen. It's not going to happen.
  19. Jesus, those dBZ values off of Cape May around the 4 AM mark were sick.