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  1. It’s good to see that it’s only November 17th and things look a lot better at this point than they did the past 2 years. Seeing at least some sort of blocking show up already in November is a telling sign that it will occur frequently this winter I think. Thats why I don’t get why some people are getting all nerved up because we’re not even into it yet lol
  2. The GEFS are wierd lately, changing drastically over the past day man. As of 18z they look good however
  3. Warmer, above average.
  4. He is setting himself up perfectly lol
  5. Upcoming pattern still looks good and all models show snow advancements to the north of us increasing greatly during the next 10 days. We’re close
  6. Isn’t say warm and snowless because then mentally It just never feels like winter never came
  7. Nothing new. 12z GEFS continue to advertise high latitude blocking after the 16th or so. West based -NAO does look real nice though and I’ll take it as a great sign for the upcoming winter
  8. Yeah most of the east coast is below average almost that whole run, looks good
  9. Can’t wait to read that
  10. Deep deep winter incoming
  11. I’m on the same boat
  12. I’m not sure if I want to go mild January or February. Seeing that now makes me think January will be mild, but still not sure
  13. Everyone knows the CFS blows
  14. I don’t know I’m 22 and I only remember two 18inch+ storms my whole life, Nemo being most memorable. As a kid 02-03 was the first memorable winter for me, then 04-05 was good as well. I also feel like out my way since the 2010-2011 winter, we have not gotten those huge snow storms like you out east have gotten. I remember 11-12 wishing for some snow so I could finally try out the snowmobile I bought at the end of the 10-11 winter lol. 15-16 was a terrible winter out her as well so I definitely appreciate the small 3-4inch storms.
  15. Given the way things are going, and considering a La Nina, the -PNA is going to be a big pattern driver the next few weeks, and possibly this winter. But if there is a -EPO and the PV is located on the North American side of the globe, I think New England will see a near normal temperature regime throughout the winter with occasional arctic intrusions. I think the eastern based orientation of the ENSO this year will cause cold air to leak further east. I'm just tired of having no blocking and being on the other side of the gradient giving us torch temps and rain in December and January. The NAO looks to be on the neutral/negative side coming up and I suspect it will stay that way and will even average out negative for DJF. All speculation, but I don't think things look terrible going forward