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  1. This morning was definitely warmer at my place. It hit 70 and is now is the 60s
  2. Feb 15 repeat but a little more inland would be nice
  3. Not expecting snow here but I will take an inch of sleet
  4. I agree, would be nice to get up to 25” this month!
  5. I’m expecting no more than an inch here, maybe half inch. I’ve never really seen these types of systems work out well over the past few years
  6. 20.5” here for the month. We take
  7. I don’t really remember that one. I remember getting a couple events but not a big 20” one.
  8. Had 5 inches from 10pm to now. Brings my total to 19 inches
  9. Out with the snowmobile in Sunderland, it’s pretty deep, probably 13 inches storm total is my guess