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  1. I’ll take a -PNA/-NAO winter any year. Screams interior northeast winter
  2. Im getting about 10” in various spots around the yard. More than I expected as well
  3. Thinking 6-8 inches at my hood. Will be a nice storm for the valley nevertheless
  4. It’s over folks, come back next year
  5. I recap gfs being stubborn last year too. Even waiting until hour 36 to cave so I’m not worried what it’s showing now
  6. I’m thinking decent winter based on solar minimum/starting it’s new cycle. NAO historically has had its best chance of being negative when solar cycle is at minimum and/or entering a new cycle. Pacific jet will be roaring as usual but could be nice if we can buckle the flow a little
  7. Yeah I’m going to try that too I think. I deal with mugwort all the time for my job but didn’t realize the unique uses. Mugwort for whatever reason is invasive in Connecticut but not Massachusetts, go figure.
  8. Never knew mugwort was a mild psychoactive herb.
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