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  1. Yeah I’m going to try that too I think. I deal with mugwort all the time for my job but didn’t realize the unique uses. Mugwort for whatever reason is invasive in Connecticut but not Massachusetts, go figure.
  2. Never knew mugwort was a mild psychoactive herb.
  3. I agree, pretty solid here except for the December storm we over preformed by a lot
  4. Nice, looking at the radar and looks like some heavy echos passing southern Berkshire county sliding northeast now
  5. Still snowing here. Looks like 3”
  6. Haven't looked at the models in a while, surprised with what im seeing this morning. Hopefully we can get one last snow event before this blowtorch summer.
  7. This morning was definitely warmer at my place. It hit 70 and is now is the 60s
  8. Feb 15 repeat but a little more inland would be nice
  9. Not expecting snow here but I will take an inch of sleet
  10. I agree, would be nice to get up to 25” this month!