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  1. Nam came in a little better for northern Middle Tennessee.
  2. From last night in White House. Ended up with one and half inches.
  3. Me too! The look on the models for the second half of February is much better then what was about to hit last year during this time.
  4. It started snowing at 4:30 and heavy at times but the temp is only 34 so no accumulation. I'm right on the edge of the winter weather advisory so it'll be a close call on weather I get any accumulation tonight. Either way just seeing heavy snow fall from the sky is a huge victory this time of year.
  5. Here's the latest discussion for northern middle Tennessee. Edit: No discussion but rather a winter weather advisory. I'm rooting for all the eastern Tennessee people as I know you've been shafted pretty good this year. Good luck!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Ended up getting more snow then I thought I would. Local reports say 2 inches fell in my area last night. I didn't measure so I'm not sure how much fell exactly but not bad at all for almost mid march. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. I definitely can't help but be a little excited waking up to these model changes overnight. I'd really be excited if I lived just a little further north in middle Kentucky. This storm is looking like it could bring some surprises to some. I'm in White House so hoping those bigger totals can move down this way by go time.
  8. White House got upgraded to a winter storm warning. They say 2-4 inches with locally higher totals. I just got about 4 inches on Friday so no doubt this will be the quickest I have ever had 4 inch snow storms so close in time to eachother if this pans out. It also started snowing lightly about 30 minuets ago. Last years horrible winter is quickly turning into a distant memory.
  9. Here’s some pictures during the storm and the aftermath. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. This is so funny you mentioned this because I started doing it about 4-5 years ago when I realized it looks so much better when you don’t have grass sticking out of the snow. I usually do it with our last 70 degree temps in mid November.
  11. If you want to see decent snow just make a 30 minute trip to White House Tennessee tomorrow. Got probably close to 3 inches on the ground. We almost always do way better then Nashville due to being further north but also elevation is a big factor. Anyways it’s not far if you want to see a good snow.
  12. I agree. I’m in White House Tennessee and I feel pretty good about this event. For some reason I feel this is going to be my first overachiever since I’ve lived here. Of course it could underachieve like many storms have over the years. That’s the beauty of snow storms in the south though. You never truly know what you’re going to get until it has fallen.
  13. Hello everyone, I don’t post here much but I just wanted to remind everyone who’s bummed about not getting much snow that we still have plenty of time. I’ve lived in White House Tennessee since 2006 and one thing I’ve learned is to not expect much snow until mid January or later most years. Last season was the only year that I didn’t get at least a few dustings but obviously we were extremely warm. I remember the 2014/2015 winter as we entered February my wife was bummed thinking winter was over but I told never give up till mid March. By mid February we ended up with tons of snow and ice in middle Tennessee that stayed on the ground for weeks. I ended up with 2 storms of 3 and 5 inches plus a 2 inch clipper that came with temps around 20 degrees. The last snow came in early March and dropped almost 5 inches! That winter started so bad but ended up in my top 4-5 just from snows that fell in mid February. So don’t give up hope yet as we have plenty of winter left. Good luck to all!
  14. Yep something tells me this is going to surprise us up north.
  15. I'm not sure how I posted something but it shows someone else's name. Weird.