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  1. Yeah Portland is going to end up with 2-3 inches if not more. This was from work when I was leaving at 11:30pm. Everything was completely covered including roads. I saw like 6 snow plows headed north as I drove home to White House.
  2. Snowing and sleeting at work here in Portland Tennessee
  3. If you live in northern middle Tennessee you will be rooting for the latest hrr run. Nam 12k and 3k showing nothing but a dusting as far as other short range models go. Hopefully we can get lucky and at least get an inch or so since it won’t get above freezing till Sunday after the precipitation pulls through late tonight.
  4. It makes it easier that a lot of middle Tennessee folks just got a huge snow. That said it would be a vary rare event if the area gets another 6+ inch snow event in the same year let alone the same month. I really really want this one to pan out just due to the historical nature of it. If it does work out and with the pattern coming up middle Tennessee would be on the way to one of the snowiest winters it’s had in a long time. It does seem the Nashville snow hole is taking a beating over the last 7 years or so. Since 2015 White House has had 5 winters out of 7 that have had at least one 3 plus inch snowstorm.
  5. White House here. Models looking pretty good for this area. I’m about 20-25 minutes south of the Kentucky Tennessee boarder. If this one pans out it will be two years in a row of a good size winter storm for the area.
  6. 36 degrees in White House and I can hear sleet hitting the garage door.
  7. Snowing here again which makes it the 5th day in a row that snow has fallen. I don’t think that’s happened before since I moved here in 2006.
  8. I’ve learned over the years since living here not to get to excited or down based on what winter is being forecast to do each season. I also use the law of averages and I am far enough north that if 2 winters are bad the 3rd usually won’t be. This one has not disappointed for my area.
  9. This is from a half an hour ago. Haven’t measured the board I put out yet. Had to put a board out cause the table had most of the 5 inches on it from the last storm.incredible winter for my area after this one.
  10. Yeah flipped back to all snow here a bit ago also
  11. Actually big flakes stopped and can here sleet falling. Hopefully that doesn’t last long cause this storm would be big if it stayed all snow for the duration.
  12. Getting pounded by by big heavy snow flakes here for almost 45 minutes now.
  13. As I mentioned a few days earlier I have to think the nearly 5 inches of snow, sleet and ZR on the ground has helped keep the temps from being even higher.
  14. Temp got up to 34.5 but now down to 33.3 as snow approaches. Will be interesting to see if the lower totals the euro is showing of 1.9 inches end up correct. Or the higher totals of the gfs and nam verify between 3-4 inches.
  15. Still Sunny way back west in White House. Forecasted high of 30 but already at 31.1.
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