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  1. 11 hours ago, EastCoast NPZ said:

    Absolutely amazing sunrise.  If it wasn't impossible to post pics to this site I'd post a shot i took this morning.

    Send the photo to yourself on your phone and opt for a smaller image. Then copy and paste.

  2. Flipping through my old photos, I realized that this fall and winter should be another snowy owl irruption year. I got this shot four years ago in norther Baltimore county. Looking forward to another chase this year.



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  3. 59 minutes ago, CAPE said:

    A quick chase to the beach in early Jan and your winter would have been made.

    Lol. We couldn’t get there for that one but made it down for the January 2017 storm and had dinner at The Crab Bag.



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  4. 1 hour ago, StormchaserChuck! said:

    2005-6 kept coming up as an analog, it was in like 5/5 studies I did... I don't think it's a good analog though

    Do you have any years that look like good analogs to you?

  5. 33 minutes ago, WxUSAF said:

    Grass weenies…the last 2 weeks were pretty ideal for grass germination. I put some seed down before but as usual a lot didn’t take and I still have lots of weird bare spots. Did I miss the window now with real October returning Sunday? Or could I still seed and get it to start now?

    You’ve still got time. I’m aerating and seeding mine this week. I won’t rake my leaves though. I will just mow often.

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  6. 16 hours ago, MacChump said:

    hit up sapwood on saturday afternoon...it was as advertised...tried the leaf fall up, simcoe simpatico, the bourbon-stout-coconut-vanilla stout, and a sour but i can't remember which one...they were all fantastic

    The sour was probably the barrel aged Stalks. So awesome.

  7. 5 minutes ago, WinterWxLuvr said:

    I’m gonna go with 2%

    I’d like to see 20. And I mean degrees. Last year I think I fell below 20 three times. And the lowest was 18 or 19.

    eta  I just looked up BWI and they fell below 20 on two mornings last winter. 19 degrees on both 1/30 and 2/21.

    Man, last year sucked.

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  8. 1 minute ago, CAPE said:

    Theo's and Ava's are both very good. Maybe not the ideal family place but RAR Brewing is excellent and has good food too.

    The only place I’ve been is RAR and their burgers are really good. Lots of good outdoor seating too. I liked the lobster place across the street too before they closed.

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