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  1. 4 hours ago, CAPE said:

    Wow that should be incredible. I have had the Velvet and Parabola, both of which are very good. Looks like those 2 should be quite prominent in the overall composition. Enjoy!

    Incredible is the right description. Amazing.

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  2. 43 minutes ago, TugHillMatt said:

    I was on my lunch break. My bad. I should have known better than to comment on the Mid Atlantic forum, where many of you are insufferable jackoffs.

    I’ve had that dude on ignore for years.

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  3. 38 minutes ago, EastCoast NPZ said:

    23F for the low.  That's it for the grass.  My experience is that 24F is needed to put it to sleep at this point in the year.

    Oh, good. That means I’ve still got six weeks of grass growing weather.

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  4. My last grass cutting is usually thanksgiving weekend.  Last year it was the first weekend in December, but I’m ridiculous and I like my grass cut, leaf free, level, and prepared for snow.

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  5. Took a trip down to Calvert county and cut some firewood for the fire pit at my sisters house from a down tree. Then to Mully’s Brewery for a couple and now at Scorpion Brewery. But what a sunset!


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  6. 8 minutes ago, mattie g said:

    I like the idea, but let's be real...about six people would do all the talking while the rest of us either don't know what we're talking about or are socially awkward enough to just remain quiet.


    And drink.

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  7. 3 hours ago, CAPE said:

    Damn, the Jets.

    Who the hell is Mike White?

    I guess the front runners who were convinced the Bengals were the best team in the AFC last week will be off that bandwagon. Back to Buffalo I guess, which is actually the best team.

    Hopefully my backup QB for when Murray has a bye week.

  8. 28 minutes ago, baldereagle said:

     I have a house located in Crocheron across the bay from Solomons. The Bishops Head tide gauge is less than 2 miles from the house. My co-owner travelled there yesterday from Towson, taking over 2.5 hours on flooded roads from Cambridge to drive 30 miles to Crocheron, and was present to experience the brutal full brunt of the tidal flooding last evening’s high tide when the BH gauge hit 5.13 feet, and unfortunately  tide came right on in. Our garage and den had 5 or 6 inches of water in it. Many homes were flooded multiple times in the past 48 hours. A real mess when seawater gets indoors. The road in front of the house was 2 feet underwater….

    Helluva storm there yesterday, full on gale force. 
    Western shore got hammered badly also  with the wind forcing water to the west. 
    That’s life in a flood zone, sadly.


    Man, that sucks. Sorry to hear. Areas of Dorchester county have become uninhabitable in the past 25 years because of the rising tides. NPR had a show a few years ago that was memorable.


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  9. 2.72” so far.

    Over 5” this week, and I’m really glad I cleaned out the gutters yesterday. I had a clogged downspout and Monday’s storm got into the foundation and had the sump pump working overtime. After cleaning the leaves and debris yesterday, sump pump is still working a lot, but much less.

  10. 51 minutes ago, leesburg 04 said:

    I just went over to off topic for the first time in forever wtf good God there are some real pieces of work posting there lol yeesh there's so many of them we are ****ed

    I went over there once in all the years I’ve been on the board. That was enough. 

  11. 3 minutes ago, WxUSAF said:

    Why is Fredericksburg such a freaking black hole of traffic??

    I swear a friend of mine just texted as he’s coming home from Pittsburgh and the traffic is insane out that way too.

  12. 16 hours ago, nw baltimore wx said:

    Got dumped on in Baltimore city.

    Home didn’t see as much as the city but I did manage .11” of unexpected rain.



    6 hours ago, ravensrule said:

    Did you wipe?. 

    You don’t know how apropos your comment is at this moment.

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