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  1. Jan 4th 2018 Fish Bomb

    going with the "yanksfan rule" for this one. whenever he says it's not going to snow i get a foot.
  2. December 9th 2017 Crusha Obs

    I have to wonder WTF Upton was seeing last night when they predicted an additional 4-6 inches for the western two thirds of Suffolk at 4pm. we ended up with barely 2" here and most of it fell before 4pm.
  3. December 9th 2017 Crusha Obs

    heaviest snow of the day. naturally right after i finished shoveling the .5 inch off of the driveway. beautiful night out there.
  4. December 9th 2017 Crusha Obs

    upton must be expecting a huge band to come through tonight because they just upped totals, the low end pinpoint has 4-5 across the island
  5. December 9th 2017 Crusha Obs

    yep, nothing on paved surfaces, i can still see the grass in my backyard. weak. and upton still has 6" for me.
  6. December 9th 2017 Crusha or brusha?

    someone's gotta go clean the lens in Wantagh
  7. December 9th 2017 Crusha or brusha?

    he does this every time. he busted huge on 1/7/17 last year.
  8. December 9th 2017 Crusha or brusha?

    far east end of LI mixing at 18z Saturday but still all snow west of that
  9. December 9th 2017 Crusha or brusha?

    wow, this is gonna be a pretty big hit
  10. December 9th 2017 Crusha or brusha?

    GFS was futher east, GGEM finally caved. nothing for even eastern LI on either model. it's over.
  11. December Model Discussion

    this happened last winter with the early January event, the GFS was way too far east in the 3-4 days before and never corrected west until the storm was in progress. we got a surprise 10" out on the island, it was a nice Saturday storm. that said, it's not a promising sign when the canadian is all by itself, but it came way way way west from 12z
  12. December Model Discussion

    GFS is a complete miss but the CMC is a probably a WSW event, about 18 hours of snowfall from the city east
  13. December Model Discussion

    Sunday could be a real nice hit...
  14. December Model Discussion

    00z GFS looks a bit better for Friday night than 18z, slightly west
  15. January 27th, 2015 but 50 miles west, complete with the 24-36" NWS snowfall forecasts and all of the epic model runs in the two days before.