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  1. I agree. Southern Plateau is in a better spot for the Friday event than say Maggie Valley. Tables turn for the Saturday event. We're going with 2" for Highlands as a middle of the road forecast.
  2. This is def a NW Flow Event, so maybe a dusting downtown at best. TN line looks to do well.
  3. Light snow in Knoxville as of 11:30am, now winding down. Steady snow in the mtns as of noon, mainly Haywood County where a trace - dusting is on the ground at Cataloochee Ski Area.
  4. We call these setups a Southwest Special...
  5. As of 8:45am: Nashville is reporting 1 - 2" and there is a N MS report of 2", although im curious to see if it verifies.
  6. Sub Zero in Haywood County. Our station in Downtown Waynesville dipped to -1.7°F and nearby up Crabtree Mtn, -4°F Links: http://climate.ncsu.edu/cronos?station=NIPS&temporal=hourly
  7. For the Western Carolina/Cullowhee/Sylva fans out there...
  8. Ski Area Reports via @SkiSoutheast
  9. I'm in Knoxville for this one, ended up with 3.1" on the river downtown (Island Home area). Great event to follow everyone (although its still going for many), its been some time and I hope for another soon.
  10. Balsam Gap in Jackson/Haywood Co as of 2:15pm
  11. I dont have the ability to screenshot his post, but our boy Philippe is weighing in on the thermal issue with his technical prowess... Worth a look:
  12. Your earlier comment on Mt Pisgah picking up the higher amounts or a foot seems possible and thankfully we can watch it go down via this webcam... http://brpwebcams.org/cam/10/1
  13. That's our thinking. The escarpment is gonna ramp up and hold onto moisture more than other areas across SW NC. I think the max spot will be near Hogback and Lake Toxaway. This is our call for the event...
  14. In Knoxville we have a dusting as of 9:05am. Light snow has been falling for about 30 min. I work at UT in Facilities Services and I installed this station this past summer; http://www.weatherlink.com/user/utfacilities - Current temp of 26°F
  15. All true. We just try to avoid whiplash for our small set of readers/followers and will likely wait till the mid afternoon hours to make any changes. By the way, love your detailed post on FB; simple, concise and not hyperbolic. Look forward to seeing those pics tomorrow and Saturday, stay safe chasing the snow!