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  1. Notable totals for our neck of the woods as of 8:30am... 16" Cataloochee 14" Cullowhee Mtn 10" Downtown Waynesville 2 - 4" Sylva and Cullowhee (valley)
  2. A livestream driving along I 40. The guy is currently in downtown Asheville https://livestormchasing.com/stream/brett.adair
  3. a conservative map and a tough call.
  4. His focus/expertise is Asheville and WNC, not the VA/NC state line.
  5. If the cold can push up and over/around the Great Balsams/Southern Highlands Plateau it should be able to surpass the Cowee Mtns as well. I do fear the Great Balsams will be the dividing line. But hey, that's what makes this part of the state one of the toughest areas to forecast.
  6. Hope you didn't read those totals as estimated amounts but more so the example of extending the range for the snow map. You're in a prime spot as well!
  7. Yea, the Southern Highlands Plateau is a safe bet for us. Franklin is a tough call with Bryson a close second. Our final map comes out later this morning but I think we'll push a larger than usual snow total range (instead of the usual 1 - 2", go with 1 - 4" for example) to show the uncertainty as it relates to distance between totals, location and elevation. A fun storm to track no doubt and I'm curious to see what Lake Toxaway reports when its all said and done. Have a safe and fun time bud!
  8. I agree, the escarpment just off the Great Balsams will be the prime spot for our area. We're pulling our hair out over here trying to nail down where the cutoff line will be from sleet/light snow to heavy snow. A good number of folks in SW NC will be disappointed, more so Macon/Jackson moving southwest, Haywood looks like a lock for a heavy event.
  9. I agree. Southern Plateau is in a better spot for the Friday event than say Maggie Valley. Tables turn for the Saturday event. We're going with 2" for Highlands as a middle of the road forecast.
  10. This is def a NW Flow Event, so maybe a dusting downtown at best. TN line looks to do well.
  11. Light snow in Knoxville as of 11:30am, now winding down. Steady snow in the mtns as of noon, mainly Haywood County where a trace - dusting is on the ground at Cataloochee Ski Area.
  12. We call these setups a Southwest Special...
  13. As of 8:45am: Nashville is reporting 1 - 2" and there is a N MS report of 2", although im curious to see if it verifies.
  14. Sub Zero in Haywood County. Our station in Downtown Waynesville dipped to -1.7°F and nearby up Crabtree Mtn, -4°F Links: http://climate.ncsu.edu/cronos?station=NIPS&temporal=hourly
  15. For the Western Carolina/Cullowhee/Sylva fans out there...