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  1. Awful situation in Jonesboro. Seeing reports of a possible train derailment resulting in a hazmat spill.
  2. That KAIT8 footage gave me Tuscaloosa flashbacks.
  3. A bit outside the Great Lakes/Ohio Valley area, but there's a strong couplet with a tornado warned storm SW of Jonesboro, AR. Edit: CC drop just south of Amagon.
  4. Typhoon Hagibis approaching the Marianas. Easily one of the most impressive displays of rapid intensification I’ve personally seen. Up there with Wilma?
  5. Hi Josh, How ya doing? I'm thrilled you were able to make it through that storm intact and the footage and data you've received in absolutely jaw dropping. Anyways, as someone who fully experienced the aftermath of Dorian, I was curious about your take on the official death toll in the Bahamas. If that's a sensitive subject for you, I apologize and please feel free to disregard my comment. Reports from all across the Abaco Islands are very disheartening and seem to suggest a much higher death toll than the current 53 confirmed fatalities. I'm very concerned that this has turned into a Maria like situation where we won't know (or may never know) the true cost of Dorian for many, many months to come. This topic honestly has gotten under my skin recently and I would love to hear your input. Thanks!
  6. Almost the entire state of Mississippi is currently experiencing rainfall from Barry.
  7. ILN has confirmed at least EF3 damage in Beavercreek.
  8. Looks like it may have just happened. TDS just north of town.
  9. Very nasty looking couplet near Montpelier, IN.
  10. A tornado just hit Pendleton, IN. CC drop over the north side of town.