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  1. That looks like a tropical storm on KCLX. Observations from buoy 41004 are pretty compelling as well.
  2. Check out the hail spike on this thing!
  3. Big time CC drop south of Paris, TX. Evident on Ft. Smith radar at a beam height of over 15 kft.
  4. Brief tornado on John Humphress' stream Edit: Bigger one wrapped in the rain
  5. I'm thinking tornadogenesis might be occurring near Pauls Valley, OK. That cell's riding a boundary.
  6. This isn't over. There's a damaging tornado moving into Ludowici, GA.
  7. Tornado in progress about 25 miles west of Durham, NC. It's going to hit Hillsborough if it holds together.
  8. Just an all around horrifying situation for SC this morning. Multiple damaging tornadoes in progress.
  9. Another just hit Hilda, SC. Heading right for Denmark. Edit: This is insane. More debris signatures. One NE of Newington, GA and another NE of Unionville, GA.