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  1. Latest pass suggests you won't have to wait until dawn.
  2. This most recent pass confirms rapid intensification is still occurring. If current recon doesn't confirm a category 5 by the time it departs, the next one, which is currently en route, should.
  3. I'm not convinced Eta is done rapidly intensifying. I guess we'll see what this next pass shows.
  4. I somehow doubt this is only a minimal hurricane...
  5. Anxiously waiting for recon to arrive. Zeta's presentation has done nothing but improve since the last one departed.
  6. Radar presentation has improved. NHC is now forecasting Delta to reach category 4 before landfall near Cancun.
  7. There's no ERC in progress. Just a massive spiral band.
  8. Huge improvement from a few hours ago.
  9. Teddy's not pleased about the downgrade. Watch it become a major by morning.
  10. Sally is clearly not up to the standards of other superior category 2 hurricanes.