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  1. I love Jet blue. Used to fly the non stop to San Diego a lot. SW has a direct to Orlando out of PVD and I have a zillion points. Airport was a tomb this morning. First flight I’ve been on since this mess started. Most of the shops were closed in the airport. Let’s see what MCO looks like. One of the guys that works for me went to Atlanta last month. He said Logan was dead dead but when he got to Hartsfield it was packed like a regular day.
  2. Just so long as people don’t get a big dose of guillain-barré syndrome or some other nasty auto/hyper immune issue. It shouldn’t, it’s rare as hens teeth, but it can happen.
  3. I’m talking about travel and not having to quarantine once you get there. And I’m posting on a SW flight right now. Somewhere just off Cape May if I read my geography correctly.
  4. Hippa doesn’t really apply. That only applies to giving information to health care entities. I’ve already seen Ticketmaster start to roll out the idea of an app that shows if you’ve had a negative test or have the vaccine to get into concerts. Everyone needs to get used to the idea that we will have to show “papers”. I don’t like it much, but I think if you want to go to Fenway, Gilllette, or get on an airplane, you’ll have to show proof of a negative test or vaccine. Might not be forever, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be dealing with these intrusions for several years. The government won’t outright mandate it for adults, but it will be done by coercion if you want to go about your life. I have no problem taking it. I just don’t want to be first. I will say that if this mRNA strategy actually works and is safe over the long haul, my god this is truly a revolution in vaccine technology. Theroreticlly, we could vaccinate for all kinds of things. mRNA is easy to make and you can make buckets of it really fast. The biggest hurdle is the storage issue.
  5. You’re more optimistic then I am. I think it will be into 2022 really. But I’m one of “those” that do not trust the government for much of anything.
  6. Said in a thick NY accent: we’ll still need public health meh-zuahs for awhile. i.e. Wear the mask and distance till I say so If they wait until there are no positive test, and using that horse shit PCR test, they’ll lay me out at the parlor in a mask
  7. Does Brookline Ice and Coal have an IPO coming up?
  8. I had a coating on the mulch beds this morning. Wasn’t expecting that. Nice!
  9. The efficacy is only as good as those who were exposed but did t get it. The 95% efficacy doesn’t take into account those who were never exposed. And there’s no way to know that. No challenge trial was done. That said, it looks promising.
  10. Sitting here having my coffee before I drive to PVD. I forgot how bad Barnaby Jones was. The acting was atrocious.
  11. God me too. Only redeeming thing about April is that May is next.
  12. I’ll have to look into it. Says it’s by prescription. Not sure I understand that or why until I read a little more.
  13. I just find the weather in November a little useless, like April is useless. Fall is over and real winter is still a month away. Oh well, happens every year.
  14. Some hospitals do their own PCR. Hope you get to feeling better!
  15. November is right up there with April in my book. Cold, dark, little chance of snow, at least down here. But I swear I saw a flake or two right about sundown. I haven’t looked but is it supposed to torch (relative to season that is) again? All I see is one day tomorrow for some winter then it’s back to October.
  16. An at home test would be better , but that’s not an option right now. Takes a long while to get something like that. The Abbott test uses a standard instrument that is available at minute clinics and POC places. They could even be set up at large companies that have nurses, schools, really anywhere as long as a nurse that’s trained is at the location. Spending tax dollars on that, which is something that could help stop this, is far preferable than printing money to pay people to stay home.
  17. Because you probably went to the head of the line because you needed it to have your surgery.
  18. That’s why the rapid test is the key. Even if it pops a few false negatives, if you test enough in the same areas and catch the same person again a week later, it’s better than using a PCR test that takes days to get the results back and calls god knows how many false positives because all its measuring in some cases are dead nucleotides.
  19. Rapid tests are the key. I’ve said it before , but the PCR test needs to be scrapped. Distribute millions of the Abbott rapid 15 minute tests and test about 10% f the population every few days. People who are sick enough with a high viral load and can pass it on will test positive. The PCR test is slow and flawed. Widespread use of the rapid test will do more than any lockdown of people’s businesses.
  20. Ive changed my mind on this more then once. I’m back to thinking it’s spread more by touch and surfaces. Too many anecdotes of people I know that got it and others I’ve talked to indicate to me that touch is a key driver.
  21. Ive known a few that had it. They said it wasn’t too bad. My company did a test/pilot testing program of 300 people on site. They tested all 300 once a week for 4 weeks. That’s 1200 total test. Not one positive. I’m not really sure it’s coming out of work places. Then again, we’re 100% masked unless in a private office, 25% floor capacity, and I have limited occupancy in the lab where we can distance. I really think the distancing and the hand hygiene is more key then the masks.
  22. Dude, calm the fook down. I dont have time to write a war and peace post every time. Sure I think a vaccine is great. I never said do nothing. My point was that you really can’t mask and lock down your way out of this. You’re obviously triggered. Again, have a good evening. I’m going to the happiest place on earth tomorrow for 10 days. You need to chill and relax too.
  23. That’s ok. I’ve been called worse. He’s on edge. I just tell the truth and some dont like it. Eh, what can you do?
  24. We’ll have to agree to disagree. Again, you have a great evening.
  25. You have a great evening now. You don’t know shit about me so keep the personnel stuff out of it. Vaccines? I hope to hell they work. But you can’t stop death. It’s a fact of life. People will continue to die. Fact not opinion. You’d think after 9 months people would understand that now.
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