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  1. I’m a medical professional and I guess this may come of as heartless, but it’s a respiratory virus that won’t be stopped by masks, shut downs lockdowns, etc. It will have to run it’s course. Yes, and some will die. Sucks big time. But that’s the way it is.
  2. That’s my guess. My company still has the labs open in California and they’re shut down more then we are. Not sure we can afford to shut down the labs again like before. Those 3 months set the pipeline back at least 6 months. We even put clinical trials on hold. My barber said if they shut them down again, he’ll give back door haircuts. He doesn’t care. He did he couldn’t afford another shut down. I know at least 2 gyms that said they’d stay open. They’re key card gyms with no personnel on site.
  3. How extensive? Hopefully my company doesn’t shut the labs down again. We’re technically essential, but we got shut down for 3 months last time. Not a whole lot that lab people can do from home,
  4. It’s a false narrative somewhat. The hospitals were never really overwhelmed before. Those “field” hospitals that were set up never really treated many people anyway. ICUs are full because they are designed to be close to capacity to keep people employed. A lot of these smaller hospitals around the country have Covid patients in ICU as an area of isolation, not because they need that level of care. And the death rate has been basically flat since the summer, even if you believe there are 1000 a day dying because of Covid. We’ve been in this increasing spike now for close to 2 months. If there was a relationship between the spike and higher deaths, it would have shown up by now. Like Phin said, somehow all this morphed into stop the cases. That’s never going to stop until it burns out on its own or Pfizer’s witches brew gets to enough people and actually works. But you can’t keep turning the economy and and off like this, or even threatening to. In Massachusetts, around 4% of the total beds are populated by Covid cases. And close to half of that are in there with it, not because of it. I wouldn’t call 4% a crisis.
  5. One of the pluses to waiting is that you generally have your career in hand and aren’t so poor! By the time we had kids we weren’t struggling to get by. I was making good money, stable job, and could afford good shit instead of trying to raise kids in a tiny apartment eating ramen off of a card table. I was kind of unique in that I didn’t need loans. PhD was paid for by the school and the MD was paid for out of someone else’s pocket. Not everyone has that advantage.
  6. An MD/PhD will for sure beat the hell out of you.
  7. I spent my mid 20’s to mid 30’s in grad school, med school and in a hospital. I had no time for much else.
  8. Eh, I was 45 when my youngest was born. My wife was 38. You have time.
  9. It needs -80 C, or dry ice works too. mRNA degrades pretty rapidly even at normal freezer temps. Its really not a huge issue in industrialized countries. Third world....different story.
  10. I'm not sure it's that high, but ok. And it's probably not more than 24 hours before symptoms set in either. That's why we should go to a rapid test now. This is a pretty primitive run of the mill respiratory virus. Immunology, viral spread, viral spread kinetics, viral load dogma, etc. hasn't magically changed. And if it wasn't for killing the LTC facilities folks (close to 60% of deaths), this would be relegated to swine flu status in 2009. But LTC facility spread of norovirus, C. Diff, and any manner of pestilence has been around for years. I'm not sure why it should surprise anyone that this is any different. Swine didn't kill them because they were immune to it. The infections were among the younger crowd who had a thymus and could fight it off.
  11. There is no widespread asymptomatic spread that's driving this. That's a fallacy propagated by a faulty PCR molecular test, or more specifically a faulty interpretation. Even Fauci acknowledged this as far back as July in a virology today conference. From my 20 years experience with RT-PCR and what I've seen, about 40-50% of "positives" are just reading dead nucleotides from people who never had enough viral load to be infected themselves or infect others. What needs to happen is widespread use of the rapid test. Abbott's test is much better than the early rapid tests. If someone is actually infected to a level that they are contagious to others, it'll get picked up on a rapid test. Even if it missed a person with a false negative, if you tested enough, you'd catch the false negatives and still limit the spread. This is what Michael Mina at HSPH advocates as well. The PCR test should be scrapped in favor of the rapid antigen test. If you folks that want to government to do something, that's what they could do. Buy and distribute millions of these tests that could be used daily in certain settings.
  12. That'll never happen. We'll keep doing what we're doing until we get shot up with Pfizer's witches brew.
  13. I think we’re doing Tiffins for lunch one day. We’re in AK 2 days. Cali grill is awesome! Really good steak. Top 2-3 for sure. Only better might be the filet at Ceasar’s in Tahoe. It’s a close second anyway.
  14. Wife handle all that! I know we’re doing LaCellier, Mexico, Morraco, and Norway at Epcot. I think one night we’re at California grill at the Contemporary. The problem with this trip is that there is no park hopper. You’re stuck eating dinner at the park you have reservations for on a particular day. The original plan this trip was to do dinner at Epcot most nights, but without a park hopper that’s impossible. The Beach club is right there at the back entrance so it was easy to do. We wanted to do Tusker House but they’re closed still so Yak and Yetti it is.
  15. No. I just use the Disney app. I know it’s put out by Disney and could be rigged, but I’ve found when I’m down there in an actual line it’s pretty accurate. One day we’re doing a private tour. All 4 parks, 8 hours. They take you in the rides the back way and you get right on. No waiting. You can basically do the biggies at each park in the 8 hours. They move you from park to park in a private van. Should be pretty cool. It better be for the price.
  16. That’s about right. Vaccine or no vaccine, respiratory virus epidemics generally last about 18-20 months. Swine flu lasted about that long. 60 million Americans were infected but nobody cared because the death rate was low. Older people didn’t get it because they had some immunity from previous virus’ that were similar.
  17. Yea right. The feds can’t tell the states what to do. Did you skip civics? But the feds could always blackmail them by threatening to withhold funding. Like that always do when the pesky 10th amendment gets in the way
  18. My wife had it back in December, we think. Couple months later the hair loss was outrageous. Not so you could tell it, but I had to clean the shower drain more than once.
  19. Lol yes. Week from today waits aren’t bad. Thanksgiving is slow anyway. There’s an app that gives you wait time and nothing’s over 30 minutes generally. But the hotels at t giving any discounts let me tell you. Beach club villas are as outrageous ever.
  20. I don't think anyone said that. I just don't choose to live my life locked up and scared over something that's 99.9% survivable.
  21. My kids are full time school. Private catholic. I'm at work 5 days a week. My 78 yo father just got back from a 10 day trip in his RV 10 day trip to Disney World with the fam next week. Can't wait. Life goes on
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