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  1. OSU - mine did too, for a sec. I had that same snowblower for like 10 yrs. Wouldn't die, was a workhourse and didn't require an ounce of maintenance. Still have it as backup, 2 pulls the other day started right up.
  2. Crazy. I wonder if the snowmobile trails are destroyed. Took a good two years to get them all back after the ice storm, now this. Looks like powder up your way but down in Otis I bet they got trashed.
  3. lol back at you. lol

  4. It's lonely in here.

  5. Suck at Logan, shut down as they can't re-fuel with lightening in the air. Quite the show over the city 15mins ago, although I just heard a plane take off.Sky looks pretty ominous. Going to be a long night.