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  1. Memorial Day weekend severe threats

    I know it's been said to me before but for us non met type guys where or how do I locate the dryline at this point for Saturday? Typically, being an okie I look for dryline based on dew point separation but as I understand it, Sat isn't your typical DL day. Do I look at Theta-e to find dryline at this point?
  2. May 15-20 Severe Threat

    Next week or so does look slow but Friday looks interesting, at least by EHI. Thoughts?
  3. May 15-20 Severe Threat

    You guys are funny. My wee wee is bigger than your wee wee!!! You guys arguing reminds me of my tee ballers I have to admit I have learned a lot from you guys on reading parameters and looking at model data days out. I'm in no category like many of you all that actually know what you're looking at but I certainly appreciate all you guys do on this forum I have told a lot of friends with no skill whatsoever about this website and they go to it a lot during tornado season. A couple even got subscriptions I think. You have releived a lot of anxiety for many people if they know about this forum But to say one model verified better than the other is just down right laughable. Bottom line is storms formed, there were tornadoes and possibly people lost some property. The models aren't exact just like the predictors at NWS. A HIgh Risk to us is different to many people. Us arm chair QB's don't have to worry about people or property like NWS does so there's no pressure on us to get the word out. We read the data and give our own interpretation of what will happen, when it happens and where it happens. From the safety of our couch, no one blaming us if we're wrong while we play D&D while drinking Mountain Dew and eating Funions. I've lived in OK my entire life and yes we have had dangerous life changing tornadoes. But more often than not how many times do we see this happen. A highly volatile day where storms explode, cut off each other or merge and die out or go upscale. Anyways, I sincerely love seeing or rather reading you all S thoughts on possible days and will continue to learn from you. PS I too called the Patriots come back and Tiger Woods will get #19
  4. May 15-20 Severe Threat

    Thanks. Oh trust me I scour everything I can during the "season" and follow a lot of you guys. I check the runs and data but I'm no where near how you guys read the data. I was just curious if this is more like today in terms of where it starts i.e. Dryline as typical but where it may end up at if it retreats west or shoves closer to I35 corridor. I appreciate your response and will keep my eyes peeled
  5. May 15-20 Severe Threat

    How does this match up with the 3 day outlook hatched area? Is C. Ok/metro/Edmond under the gun possibly Thursday? My wife is chaperoning a camping trip for kids near Davis, OK and have concerns with Thursday
  6. May 15-20 Severe Threat

    sorry Jojo!! I quoted you but hit the wrong button!! HAHA
  7. May 15-20 Severe Threat

  8. May 15-20 Severe Threat

    So looking at the 00Z Nam for Wednesday 00Z shows a lot of CINH, no?
  9. Short-Term Severe/Flooding Discussion

    Hey guys. Dumb question. When you say tor probs where is that? Meso discussion? Watches?
  10. Central/Western Medium-Long Range Discussion

    What do you look at for troughing long term? Wind fields? GFS, CFS,? This one thing I'm getting new at and haven't really understood what to look for. im getting better at looking at short term for different variables i.e., EHI, dewpoint, wind speeds form 850 to 500, cape, CIN but I never really dive in to long term like a lot of y'all fo
  11. never mind....I was on the wrong day!!
  12. either my computer is wonky or pivotal is off. I took a quick glance at NAM 12Z for 03Z and 06Z and didn't see much happening north I-40/OKC area. please tell me I have looked at the wrong runs!! I swear I saw some potential late time storms for this run
  13. does Friday looking like a nocturnal tornado threat for S/C OK N. TX?
  14. Well, these CU went up fast over here by me in Edmond. Anyone look at 18Z run for Sat? About to coach a tee ball game and momma giving me bad looks