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  1. 41F and steady moderate rain here. Can't see the mountains so not sure how low the snow got. Looks like Mt Washington is freezing rain now
  2. Took the dog out. 46F and the wind make it feel like late fall.
  3. Rockpile is down to 28.9. NWS has snow overnight there and again on Monday. Pretty cool for June! We'll see what tomorrow brings. In the meantime, 47 here.
  4. Just got back. Damn it's cold!
  5. Light snow continues here, but I mean LIGHT! 26F
  6. About 1" so far at Bretton Woods, moderate to heavy snow now
  7. Snow showers continue in Bartlett. Nice wintry look compared to yesterday this time.
  8. Suprised at the numbers coming in from the MWV. 5" at Attitash, 8" at Wildcat. I wonder how much of that is padding...
  9. Didn't go too bad for the Whites. Looks like a couple of inches from webcam, and the temperatures are already falling looking at the MW observatory reports.
  10. Snow just stopped in Bartlett. In Boston right now, heading up later in the day, but webcam actually looks pretty nice. Hopefully the cold air arrives soon
  11. Gyx 's map gives hope - I'd sign up in a minute. Just not sure how realistic it is.
  12. And in the meantime, GYX upgraded us to 4-8... ??? So confused
  13. I don't understand what's going on very well... it seems like the models have shifted West and warmer, but at the same time, Gyx has increased the snow for our area from 1-3 to 2-4 and lowered the high from 39 to 36... Also, what's driving that "blob" of higher snowfall around the Mt Washington Valley in the RGEM? Just curious (and weenie)
  14. Thanks, Ginx. It's a bit scary financially - and if I lose my job, I'm screwed. But we've had a lot of illness in the family this year and it's made us realize how short life is. Can't postpone what you want to do because you never know what's around the corner.
  15. That's awesome, thanks for the info! I've seen your camera before and it looks great, always thought it was a much more expensive setup. Looks like I'll be going that way! I'll let you know when it's set up. The area in front of the house, looking towards Mt Washington, is kept clear by the National Forest Service for wildlife (apparently it's a moose hangout of sorts), so it would be pretty cool to point in that direction...
  16. I'll need your help with that. I got a y-cam at the rental house that I have at Bretton Woods, but it hardly ever works. In Bartlett, I have a Logitech Alert and that doesn't broadcast over the web. I'd love to have a nice camera! The place is incredible. Right at the entrance of Bretton Woods on the Twin Mountain side, less than 2 miles from the base lodge, on 32 acres with 1 mile of river frontage, 5 beaches on the river, and surrounded by National Forest on all sides. We're looking to develop it SOME, although what we can do is limited by the streams and wetland. Very cool property though, I can't wait! Supposed to close on April 12th.
  17. Nice snowy day at Bretton Woods, and bright blue skies on the other side of the notch in Bartlett. If all goes well, I'll be moving to Bretton Woods in the Spring! P&S signed. I need more upslope in my life.
  18. Is thus the same storm that the gfs keeps showing as a cutter?
  19. Aaaah! Thanks. I'm watching things more anxiously than usual (Xanax anyone?). My dad and my brother are visiting from Italy in 1 week, and I was really hoping there would be SOME snow while they're here. We'll see...