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  1. 1999 ice storm was devastating for my neighborhood . No power for almost six days. Trees on houses. Roads blocked for days by fallen power lines and larger branches. No thanks.
  2. Looks like one more band trying to for to the west. Radar returns enhancing . Well see if we can add on a tenth or two .
  3. Ripping here. Easily 1" hr rates
  4. Nam nailed it. Jackpot rockville south. Laugh all you want. But is true.
  5. 1.4 @ 8.00am Steady snow. Looks to pick up soon. Overperformer !! 3" is my bar now.
  6. 29/2 Temp should be in low 20's upper teens when precip arrives.
  7. Legit snow shower here in Rockville.
  8. Lived in Rockville over 50 years. As Matt,Ian and others have mentioned . Dec generally sucks around here. Sometimes even into early Jan. I remember many a bad pattern early in winter flipping and producing significant events mid late winter. Personally , I'm not worried. Been there done that type of thing. I fully expect winter to come back with a vengeance. Lot of analog support for cold in Jan, Feb. Long range models should start hinting at changes soon.
  9. I want snow But the weather pattern says no So I sit and pray for negative AO Then Bob Chill chimes in and says the next 2 weeks will blow That tells me all I need to know Looks like the weenies calling for cold Dec will eat crow Here's hoping that by Jan will be buried in snow Ok now I feel better now that I've had my say Get your shovels ready boys the big ones on it's way !!!
  10. BWI : 35.7" IAD : 38.4" DCA : 21.8" RIC : 16.4" G/24hr : 8.5"
  11. 16 was the low. One of the coldest Nov. mornings i have ever experienced in 52 years in Rockville.
  12. Jan. 16 -31 Classic miller A
  13. 10" last night 52" season total 39.081593 77.115674 Hope that clears up the confusion. Sorry for the bad info map girl and thanks for all your work.
  14. Yes. You are correct. Twinbrook area of Rockville. And my lat. Lon. is incorrect . Thanks for the heads up. I got if off an online site. I will correct it soon . Sorry about that.