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  1. Maybe not, some of the models have the rain by early evening
  2. 2001 was really an awful weather year. Started with the March bust, the early May heatwave, the hot summer followed by a warm snowless fall into winter
  3. You can tell by the grey /browns that you mentioned. Also on the bottom or side it does say clear air. Typically, when there's no precip in the area it's in clear airSent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  4. It's in clear air mode. Also the huge fire on Hillsborough is showing up on radar
  5. I'm surprised Central Park only managed 10" on 2/10/10. I had around 17 of heavy wet snow
  6. Are the euro and ecmwf the same thing?
  7. A popular day for pre Christmas snow storms for sure. 95 was the first one in quite some time that led to a widespread white Xmas. I remember heavy snow in the morning and a lull most of the day getting nervous that we weren't going to see anymore. Later in the afternoon Heavy sleet quickly changed to snow and we picked up another 6" overnight 2009 of course alot of people hate, especially those that live in the interior as dry air ate up alot of the snow but was still a very healthy snowfall for most and an MECS for the midatlantic and LI. It also got very warm that xmas and rainy and all the snow melted by night by we still had snow on the ground christmas morning
  8. Looks like EWR/New Brunswick Philly have a shot at 90 tomorrow
  9. Lol at TEB...even now at this hour running 5 degrees warmer than any other station in the area
  10. I think I would disregard TEB..they've been running 2-3 degrees above most surrounding stations even EWR
  11. Thanks. Looks like we'll go ahead of 95-96 and our first 90+ season since 76-77
  12. Where are we on sub 32 lows for the season? Looks like we add 4 more starting tomorrow and that could possibly be it as we've only had a handful of below freezing mornings in April in recent years
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