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  1. Pittsboro NC... 0.0” of anything frozen... Nada all winter long...[emoji849] .
  2. Woke up to 30/30 and looks like light drizzle but radar shows FRZ RN. Nothing on trees or power lines here. We were right on the edge so I don’t expect to get much if any at all. . Edit: wind is blowing like crazy.
  3. Temps busted here today. Forecasted high of 53, currently 56 in Pittsboro. Wonder which model had us forecasted higher! .
  4. First post ever! I’ve been watching in the background for some time now! And I’m learning a lot from so many of you who are so talented! I love following along with all of your post and predictions because our local TV Mets are generally last minute on making up their minds. So I’m really just posting to show my appreciation to all of you who stay up late and analyze things to give us your best “forecast” possible!