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  1. Those numbers are wrong in MBY. N GVL county had probably 5 or 6 inches fall but the BL was so warm it never accumulated to more than a dusting at a time. Each time it let up, Which was often it would melt. It was a few years maybe a little longer that Burger did the average Snow Fall for the majority of areas in the Carolinas, Maybe Georgia too??? He had GSP at 6.9??? If that number is accurate I don't think we have had more than that since 14.
  2. I cut grass mid to late march last year. I have yet to cut it this season. Only wild onions are growing in my yard. Had 3 snows, Not one was more than a dusting. A couple could've been several inches had it been colder at the surface. I give this winter an F 2012 was the only one worse... No snow at all.
  3. There was snow in the Upstate with this system but it was mostly cold rain literally 33 and rain. I think most of NW SC from Northern GVL, Pickens, & Oconee counties saw a dusting to as much as a foot in the highest peaks along the border. Just into NC it was a completely different story. It was a legitimate blizzard. WLOS has its tower on Mt Pisgah had over 2 feet. It was an amazing storm in the extreme western sections of WNC. Of course JAN of 87 & 88 we had 1 foot plus totals at GSP. The 88 storm was amazingly cold. As a senior that year we missed around 2 to 3 weeks of school. When we finally went back there was still snow on the road.
  4. Yes their were trees with leaves out already. And their was massive damage to trees and powerlines because it was a heavy wet snow. Literally stuck to the side of our house and just about everything else.
  5. My mom & late G'Ma talked a lot about that March with 3 consecutive snows on Wednesday. I remember the one in 80 and also a few in the early 80's. 80, 82, & 83 had huge snow storms. The one in 83 was late March our fruit trees had fruit on them and we had between 8-10 inches of snow that killed the fruit and damaged the trees badly.
  6. Btw that storm i had 6 inches It was great....
  7. This won't be one of those storms because I'm well north of 85 and although its been snowing since around 1pm. It will cover things with a dusting once intensity goes down then the lil that accumulates melts. I had more accumulation with the late Jan and early Feb events.
  8. What did she forecast yesterday? I was giving all my attention as a snow wienie watching Chief wienierologist CJ
  9. I live around 1100 feet in Elevation on the side of Paris mtn. The sleet begin to mix here around 11am Then changed to snow around 1pm. Been snow since but its so warm it melts on contact of everything. Occasionally when heavier rates come down it will build up a lil but once it slows down it melts off.
  10. Just went to put something in my car and i seen sleet pellets mixed in on top of my car with rain. I'm in Taylos about 2 miles SE of paris mtn
  11. Someone just posted snowing steadily at lake Toxaway just on the otherside of the border. Looks to heading south.
  12. CJ our local meteorologist said the newest model data had the moisture still coming down after midnight. Earlier it ended by 7 or 8pm. He said we have to keep an eye on this.
  13. We live in the South East. I have always believed that more than half of our snow storms are usually thread the needle events. The teleconnections do matter but it snows in bad patterns, This last decade proves as much. BTW Grit Thank you for all ur valuable input on this board.
  14. That is a thing of beauty. And the coldest levels right over Greenville County. That could accumulate quickly, Instead of the usual burning off over half of the system just bringing the BL to freezing. And at this point no model can be dismissed. In fact the NAM handled the last storm with the most accuracy even at long range.