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  1. Tonights trend has been drier expect for the nam. Why is that?
  2. that looks nice, but what did the 12z had?
  3. I'm hearing the GFS is a crush job. I'm on my phone would like to see some maps.
  4. I think it's no big deal it's just noise.
  5. I don't see mix precip unless you live south of I-195.
  6. Looks good for me in me in Middletiown NJ.
  7. This is my call 14 to 20 inches from philly north and east.
  8. Wow I can't believe how dead is inside here.
  9. Wow Euro is a crush job!!!!
  10. I'm hearing good things about the Euro
  11. Euro is south for wave one
  12. I'm being serious here this is starting to look like a HECS