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  1. Same here Falls. I must be due east of you. 9” or so here in southern Franklin County just outside of Youngsville.
  2. @Brick Tamland somebody asked him about accumulations for Raleigh in response to the Tweet Tarheel posted and his response was “significant”. That what I’m guessing the other poster is referring to.
  3. These storms are always why I am happy to be close to the Wake/Franklin line. Always seems we do well. Mixed bag for us for sure @Brick Tamland going off what I’ve seen so far. I think it’s going to be a mess here by Monday.
  4. 6.75” here just 2.5 miles east of Youngsville, NC off Hwy 96. Definitely a great storm. Played in it all day with the kids and other adults. One that will be remembered. Pic when I can. NWS and WRAL both showed 11” close to where I live. Not sure who measured that or reported it but they must have gotten under a heavy heavy band.
  5. Reading the MA forums this morning is about as entertaining as the SE forums were during our storm in January. Not near as much snow as predicted up there and the warm nose is causing way more mixing and sleetthan expected. A lot of those guys are not happy. Someone should tell themwelcome to southern storms. Ha ha
  6. Headed up from Raleigh to ski at App with my 7 year old for one last time tomorrow. I know beech and sugar are better but it's more for him than me, at least that's what I tell my wife. What time do you guys think precip moves in tomorrow? Just trying to see if we get rained/snowed on tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for the input.
  7. I think we should wait until the energy is onshore tomorrow for better sampling before getting toooo hyped or starting a thread.
  8. I was pretty happy with our sleet base with snow on top here in Franklin County the last storm. We had awesome sledding for the kids for 3 days straight on the old school rail sleds.
  9. Good with me. If there is no snow in the long term and thugs aren't looking good let's close up shop on winter. Time to put the boat in the water. I am all for tracking winter weather but if we ain't getting any let's get on to spring and summer.
  10. Can't remember where I heard/read it but basically it wouldn't strengthen but also wouldn't weaken as fast as a normal tropical event due to drawing energy off the front.
  11. Hey Mountain West friends from the Southeast. Wife and I along with friends are headed to Missoula, Whitefish, etc around the 19th. Any insight on the long range? Any local weather guys on Twitter or Facebook I might follow to watch? I know what to look for here in the southeast for good storms(snow or rain) but not sure about out that way. Thanks!!!!
  12. This winds were quite amazing. My alarm went off for work and immediately after I heard them. I'm not sure what was louder, the wind or the rain. Man it was pouring with that cell.
  13. Since both of the "pending" storms have threads of their own......anyone have any insight on the next few weeks after Tuesday and what we are looking at temp wise? Normal? Above? Below?
  14. Band near Aquia is heavy snow. No accumulation.