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  1. I love how the models show a decent swath of snow expanding SE across southern LM, NE IN and NW OH and then it hits about I-75 and just stops rather than continuing east across the rest of northern OH. It just seems to find ways not to snow here in north central OH. Hopefully the backside of this can produce some lake enhanced snows later in the week.
  2. It actually started out fairly promising with close to an inch falling quickly after the changeover, but then the precip rate slowed and some rain started to mix in and pretty much stayed that way through the rest of the event. I'm pretty used to these really borderline events not producing in November and early December but it really hurts when it happens near the end of the snow season when the lake should be colder. I guess it shows how much the warm temperatures the last couple weeks raised the water temperatures. I think with a mostly frozen lake we would have done a lot better.
  3. You did better than I did. Just over an inch out my way. Only a trace left on the ground this morning.
  4. Only a few tenths out here. Glad to see you guys out east cashing in.
  5. Almost 3" here last night. Looks like I'm just about in the center of the screw zone for tonight's event. Hope the models are wrong!
  6. Around 1" here so far but hard to measure with the blowing and drifting. Looking at radar we should have at least a few more hours of decent snow so hopefully most of us can still pull off a few inches from this.
  7. Got about 1.3" from the clipper then that band came through about an hour ago and dropped another quick .5".
  8. Yeah unless something changes this is really going to underperform. Got about .8" here before the dry slot took over and the snow wrapping back in doesn't look real impressive. I'll probably be lucky to reach 2".
  9. The 3/8 high wind event was pretty memorable as well, especially for the eastern parts of the SF.
  10. Right around 5" for me. Pleasantly surprised - felt like this system had major bust potential.
  11. Got 1.4" with the first part of this clipper. Hopefully can tack on a little more this evening.
  12. Only picked up a couple tenths out here in Erie County. Hoping for a little better from the clipper tomorrow but it looks like I'm on the southern edge and that's rarely a good place to be.
  13. Generally speaking, yes, but it had some potent clippers and one big dog app runner type storm in early January. Not near as epic as 77-78 but far from awful and much better than what I'm seeing for the current pattern over the next 10 days. Right now I don't see it as a good analog to this winter but it's still early.
  14. The places that hit 95 today (ORD, MDW, GRR, maybe others) came within 2 degrees of the hottest temperature in the country today. Pretty impressive stuff. I would think the hotter spots in the subforum again tomorrow could be within a couple degrees of the national high.
  15. I'm really looking forward to this one as I'm nearly at the center of the path. The bad thing about this one is that it's on 4/8 and weather figures to be a lot iffier.
  16. Right about that. Last evening, looking at the radar you would have thought I was under a death band - I kept looking outside thinking I was going to see a whiteout and the best I saw was maybe 1 mile vis. light snow. CLE even put out a Special Weather Statement calling for 1"/hour rates. Umm, no. The wind was probably more interesting than the snow. I think I had more branches in my yard this morning than after the big windstorm last week. Ended up with about 2" total, bringing me up to around 14" on the season.
  17. It's been mostly rain here with a few wet snowflakes. Apparently the breeze off the lake is keeping lakeshore areas too warm for snow. That's normally a Nov. - early Dec. thing around here, not March.
  18. I'm at barely 10" for the season. Picked up 1" last night (which is all gone now) bringing my total to a whopping 2" since the current "cold snap" began last Thursday. Congrats to you guys out east that have cashed in on the LES.
  19. Storm was pretty much a dud for MBY. Just over 1". Being too close to the lake killed it for us. Glad you guys out east were able to cash in.
  20. You're doing a lot better than up here in Erie County. I think we're at around 13" on the season. Today pretty much summed up the whole season. Not even a dusting when a couple days ago there were good models suggesting a 3-6" storm. I wasn't expecting that but I thought we could at least whiten the ground. Not sure what to think about the Thursday system. Part of me would like to see it snow but another part of me would like to see just how bad this winter can get. I think I'd be good with something 4" or more, but if it's going to be 1-3" (like the forecast reads) I would just as soon see it whiff and get on to spring.
  21. Biggest "storm" of the season out in Huron. Picked up a whopping 3" - had 1.5" when I got up this morning and then another 1.5" through the day. Certainly more than I was expecting.
  22. Have to laugh a little at that Public Information Statement from CLE, calling this a "storm". Over here on the lakeshore in Erie County this one did better than I expected. My wife (who gets up earlier than I do) said when she got up everything was white. By the time I got up (about 9:00) it was down to just the car tops and roofs - very little on the grass. Still I measured about .6 of slop on my car. Probably could have been an inch before it started melting.
  23. Oh I agree ... still too early to give up on this. A lot of model runs to go. But the 12Z runs so far haven't given me any more cause for optimism. I'd feel a lot better if we had a nice Hudson Bay high pressing south, but we don't have that and I just don't see anything to keep this from trending north.
  24. Not a good 0z GFS run for us. 1002 mb low passing over CAK and the 850 mb 0C line going all the way to Toledo. I have my doubts that line would really go that far north given that track, but the north trends are concerning. The 0z GGEM was a great run for us but it's not the most comforting feeling having to ride the GGEM.
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