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  1. Some really impressive lakeshore flooding around western Lake Erie today. In my town the flooding is some of the worst I've ever seen. The weather is so bad even Cedar Point had to close. I can't imagine how bad this would have been if this had happened last year when the lake levels were higher.
  2. Got nothing here from the main system (all rain) but the squalls this evening gave us .3"
  3. Picked up 3.5" here. Nice little refresher snow. Hopefully can squeeze out a few more tenths before it moves out this evening.
  4. Got around 8" here. Not a bad storm but when nearly every model is showing double digit amounts less than 24 hours out, you can't help but be a little disappointed. Just couldn't avoid the dry slot. Seemed like every time snow started to really stack, another dry slot would move in.
  5. 0z GFS with another bump NW. I'm starting to really like where I'm sitting. Hopefully the rest of the 0z runs trend well.
  6. Since we're piling on to CLE tonight, I have to laugh at how they use the wording "snow showers" rather than just "snow" in their zone forecast. Man that's one helluva snow shower. Ever see a snow shower that took in four or five entire states?
  7. 18z GFS looks like it bumped slightly NW.
  8. I have to think once BGM and ALY pulled the trigger on watches, the donut hole was so glaring they felt they had to put out a headline. Pretty typical of them, being reactive rather than proactive with headlines.
  9. Yeah I thought about that but didn't want to be the one to say it
  10. Interesting, CLE electing not to go with a WSW, even with CWA's both upstream and downstream going with watches. That tells me they think this is going to be an advisory level event. Seems pretty conservative to me. I have to think at least from I-71 east a watch would be justified.
  11. 18" right on top of my location? Easy toss.
  12. Picked up about 1.2" here, nearly all falling in about 45 minutes. Models nailed this one.
  13. The second part of this system is delivering. CLE had to issue a WWA for another row of counties north. Picked up about 3" here since about 2:00, on top of the 1.8" overnight now approaching 5". Still coming down at probably .5"/hr.
  14. Just shy of 7" here. Nice overperformer. Hopefully we can keep the hot hand for the rest of the season.
  15. Picked up almost 7" here. That takes my total for the season above 17". Last year I didn't reach 17" until February 12.
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