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The last hurrah? Putting all the eggs in the Tuesday 3/14 basket

Ginx snewx

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For Central NH in my area this has been an exasperating day for me.  Over the past few days the models really did well with the downwind snow hole until last evening.  I feel like an idiot because I post for the 7000 member Newfound Lake face book group.  I have done very well this winter compared to say WMUR and locally wherever I go people seem to know me and thank me.  On Sunday I was going to go with 3-6",  quite a bit less than the NWS but never hit the send button.  I was too unsure.  Then last evening the models really bumped up Plymouth NH to 1" liquid and Newfound Lake area up to 1.20".  I never posted that 3-6" since this storm and the northward loop made me nervous.  So I went with 8-14" with most on the hills.  Yeah I had 6" up here but where most people live  today there was a couple of slushy inches with the dim sun at times.   Trying to explain downwind of the Whites will not cut it.  This forecast is a D unless we get a few inches this evening.  I'm stuck over 32F up here at elevation so I doubt that will happen.  Argghhh...

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