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George BM

May Discobs Thread

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The 0.64” that fell earlier brings May’s total to 8.22”.   It’s only the third 8 inch plus month I have measured in the last nine years.

8.85" Jul 2017
8.78" Apr 2011
Will have to see if any more can get in here before midnight .

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My top 3 rainiest months since I moved here:

May 2018: 13.47"; 12 days of measurable rainfall

May 2016: 12.81"; 21 days of measurable rainfall

June 2015: 12.52"; 18 days of measurable rainfall

Even more impressive about this month was that all of that rain fell from May 12 onwards, whereas with the other two months it was spread throughout.

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My numbers for the month of May-

Averaged high was 79.5 degrees vs a normal of 74.4 degrees, a +5.1 degree above average, highest temp was 89.2 degrees on the 15th. Averaged low was 55.2 degrees vs a normal of 48.0 degrees, a +7.2 above average and the second warmest on record, with 1991 beating it out, lowest temp was 34.2 degrees on the 1st. Average temp for month was 67.4 degrees vs a normal of 61.2 degrees, a +6.2 degree above average and again 2nd warmest with 1991 beating it out by 0.3 degrees. Total rainfall for the month was 5.58 inches vs a normal of 4.11 inches a +1.47 above, largest rainfall was on the 6th with 1.55 inches falling, a new daily record. There were 17 days with measurable, one day with a 'T' and 13 dry days. Highest wind was 28 mph on the 5th. 6 new records, the mentioned daily rainfall, plus 5 new record high minimums on the 5th, 17th, 29th, 30th and 31st. 

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