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Low Topped Squall Line/Strong Thunderstorm Potential

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A rather dynamic storm system will pass well to our north and west tomorrow allowing for a surface warm front to push through much of southern New England. South of the warm front temperatures and dewpoints will climb into the 50's. Steepening mid-level lapse rates, perhaps in excess of 7 C/KM, combined with temperatures and dewpoints into the 50's will yield some modest instability characterized by several hundred to perhaps 1000 J/KG of MUcape and perhaps a few hundred J/KG of SBcape. Strong dynamics characterized by an 80+ knot 500mb MLJ streak and a 100+ knot ULJ streak will help to provide enhanced lifting. The enhanced lifting combined with modest instability may be enough to yield the generation (or re-generation) of a low topped squall line or even some individual cells. While an inversion may be in place lessening the risk for strong to damaging wind gusts, if strong enough convection can develop the potential will exist for some strong wind gusts to reach the surface. The presence of steep mid-level lapse rates may also introduce the potential for some small hail as well. 

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