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  1. Light flurries and warm everywhere in Canton. No accumulation whatsoever. This is getting really old
  2. Nothing but pixie dust in Canton so far. Jealous of the people talking about fatties
  3. Very light flurry in Baltimore. Hoping to just get something accumulating no matter how minor later on
  4. We will no doubt have snow falling for a while I’m not trolling. Just replying to the comment that once returns are overhead snow starts quickly. Has not been the case here and in Baltimore city we will have more temp issues than surrounding areas
  5. Idk about that. Better returns have been over Baltimore for a little now and there’s still no flurries or anything to show for it. Also temp in the city is already steadily moving toward freezing and will like be above freezing in the next hour
  6. The sky just got extra bright but the snow is still coming down hard in Canton. Pushing 4"
  7. Where in the city are you? I'm in Canton not too far from the waterfront and have 3.5" or so and it's stacking up quicker now.
  8. Just flipped back to snow/sleet mix in Canton
  9. What's with the 1 second videos that you post 1000 times during every storm? If you're going to post a video that massive on the forum at least make it like 5 seconds so we can see what's happening
  10. Barely any precip in Canton now. We have gotten shafted so many times this winter it’s sad. Should have just spent the whole weekend at deep creek
  11. Not sure there’s been a single flake in Canton. Should have seen that one coming
  12. I agree that the superstition about starting a thread is silly but at the same time why are people so antsy to start a thread? Doesn’t change anything
  13. I leave for Mexico tomorrow morning so I promise all you Baltimore peeps that this storm will break through the snow bubble
  14. On radar the band of snow north of Baltimore looks like it’s allergic to the beltway. Kind of funny
  15. It's cloudy in Canton but no precip at the moment... Hoping to at least see some flakes fly before it gets dark
  16. Nothing yesterday but a brief flurry or two. About 3.5" Sunday and nothing measurable since. At least in Canton...
  17. I mean seriously could Baltimore be any more unlucky in this storm? How much you all want to bet those greens heading our way from the north dry up right at the beltway?
  18. Baltimore City was definitely the snow hole for this one. No accumulating snow since Sunday here :/
  19. NAM is out of range AND still shows 6-10" for basically the whole region even without a crazy amount of backside precip and everyone on here is still freaking out... Baltimore City hasn't seen 5"+ in a really long time. I would personally be thrilled.
  20. Woke up in Deep Creek and checked the Wisp website and saw only a trace of snow overnight and was a little bummer. Oh boy was that misleading. It’s ripping out there right now and there’s about 7” of fresh powder. Way surpassed my expectations
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