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  1. We need more of a thump to hit us while it's still frigid up top and at the surface so that we can get a few fresh inches for the slopes saturday morning before it flips. Hopefully by the time it flips it will be early afternoon and time to head inside for some relaxing and a few libations, and then we can head back out Sunday morning to a little more fresh powder!
  2. Do you have a rough estimate of how much of that falls as snow vs other mixed/icy precip?
  3. Going to be in Deep Creek this weekend. Are they still in the game on this one, or is it looking weak out there as well? What would need to change to give a mostly snow event? Been an awful year for the ski resorts.
  4. You could be stuck in Baltimore with under 5” would you quit whining about being “fringed”?
  5. If it makes you feel any better I'm in Canton and I only have about .25" of sleet and absolutely no snow to head into tomorrow with
  6. Does anyone have a link to the HRRR or RAP or want to update us on how those are looking?
  7. I had to look really hard but flurries have begun in Baltimore City
  8. I'm in Davidsonville and the band just got here. We were getting shafted all morning with nothing more than pixie dust and now it's dumping. Everything is finally turning white. Wouldn't say 2" per hour though...
  9. I am in Canton about 4 blocks from the waterfront. Everything is still looking great here. My street is fully covered at this point. Hoping to stay snow as long as possible
  10. I'm glad everyone is enjoying the wind but I'm starting to get really worried about my vacation flight out of BWI being cancelled in the morning
  11. Ha that could definitely be an issue. I will be sure to stick to margaritas assuming my flight leaves and I actually make it there
  12. I am supposed to catch an 8:45AM flight out of BWI tomorrow morning to Mexico. What are the chances the wind delays/cancels my flight?
  13. I'm in Davidsonville and I have 23" measured in multiple locations around my neighborhood. Perhaps it's due to being further from the bay?
  14. 21.5" average of multiple measurements ranging from 20 to 24 in Davidsonville at 5:35PM. That is somewhere in the range of 5 to 9 inches received since the lull ended this afternoon