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  1. Jan 4th Coastal Obs/Disc

    I had to look really hard but flurries have begun in Baltimore City
  2. Dec 8/9 Obs and discussion (Showme's) Storm

    I'm in Davidsonville and the band just got here. We were getting shafted all morning with nothing more than pixie dust and now it's dumping. Everything is finally turning white. Wouldn't say 2" per hour though...
  3. March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    I am in Canton about 4 blocks from the waterfront. Everything is still looking great here. My street is fully covered at this point. Hoping to stay snow as long as possible
  4. February Obs/Disco Thread

    I'm glad everyone is enjoying the wind but I'm starting to get really worried about my vacation flight out of BWI being cancelled in the morning
  5. February Obs/Disco Thread

    Ha that could definitely be an issue. I will be sure to stick to margaritas assuming my flight leaves and I actually make it there
  6. February Obs/Disco Thread

    I am supposed to catch an 8:45AM flight out of BWI tomorrow morning to Mexico. What are the chances the wind delays/cancels my flight?
  7. I'm in Davidsonville and I have 23" measured in multiple locations around my neighborhood. Perhaps it's due to being further from the bay?
  8. 21.5" average of multiple measurements ranging from 20 to 24 in Davidsonville at 5:35PM. That is somewhere in the range of 5 to 9 inches received since the lull ended this afternoon
  9. Measured 19.5" in Davidsonville. Was at 15" around 5am before entering the big lull and only picked up about an inch and a half after then before picking back up in the last hour and a half.
  10. Need the precip field to start filling back over the bay or the system to make a strong pivot or we are going to hit a dry spot in the Annapolis area shortly
  11. 14.75" in Davidsonville as of 4AM
  12. About 7 miles WSW of Annapolis and it's all snow. Nicely sized dendrites that are piling up fast. I wouldn't be shocked if I picked up 2 inches in the last 30 minutes. Will go out to measure shortly but I think we are somewhere close to 15"
  13. The death blob has begun to puke snow on my house (no sleet) and the winds are howling. True white out blizzard conditions with insane snow rates.
  14. Went out and measured. 11" at 12:35 for Davidsonville. Sure to hit a foot within the next half hour based on the rates and the look of the radar
  15. Been under the death band for about 20 minutes now and i'm eyeballing an inch or in and a half in new accumulation. Definitely pushing a foot on the table on my back deck