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  1. One last night in Deep Creek until I can hopefully make it back out here at the end of February. WWA for 2-5" tonight. That should put me around 14-17" for the week. Super glad to have gotten my snow fix. It's been awesome being here for such an active week.
  2. Woke up in deep creek to a fresh 2 inches. About 8.3” total at the house since Thursday. Current conditions SN+. Going to be another great day on the mountain!
  3. Just spent 2 hours snowboarding. Great conditions out there today but had to get off the mountain once the crowds found their way to the back side. Seems like we probably got a fresh inch or so this morning. Honi honi for some beverages and football and a view of the lake and the snow sounds like a perfect Sunday
  4. Squalls man. Pretty crazy. Off and on all evening. Some heavy some light. So hard to predict
  5. Had SN+ in deep creek for about 30 mins and picked up close another inch from yesterday. A little over 4” so far this weekend
  6. Pretty steady snow shower at the top of Wisp right now. Not really accumulating but it’s nice to look at with the scene already set from yesterday
  7. What are we thinking for today/tonight at deep creek? I see we have a WWA for 2-4 overnight
  8. I came in at 3.2” around 3,000’ of elevation
  9. All of the trees are caked in inches of snow. This is one of the best wintry scenes i have seen in years
  10. Quarter sized pancakes coming down now. Probably 2-2.5” at this point. Today has definitely outperformed my expectations
  11. View out the back window. 2 hours ago it was basically just grass
  12. Absolutely ripping out there. Just went for a walk. 1/4 mile visibility at most and at times it seemed like it was down to about 100 yards. Easily picked up 1" on all surfaces at this point. Roads caved in a hurry
  13. Just changed to big fatties and there's already about 1/4" on grass/wood surfaces. Roads are just wet for now
  14. We are at the top of Wisp on a pretty flat piece of land that has a lot of exposure to sunlight so it's very spotty. Have a feeling it will cover up in a hurry this weekend though