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  1. This is true. Yet with all the cable channels there are, somehow more winds up feeling like less.
  2. Even though I rarely watch TWC anymore, it was nice having it there when you wanted it. Losing weatherscan is probably higher impact for me.
  3. I was surprised this morning to see that Verizon doesn't carry TWC as of today. I discovered this because I liked weatherscan (owned by TWC) as a local area resource for current conditions (Allentown, Trenton, PHL, Wilmington, AC and Dover), and it is there no more. Apparently TWC has been replaced by Accuweather (on Verizon, in this area at least).
  4. Nice pics! I wonder how the ice is now after the few warm days....
  5. So far so good. Lots of ice underneath the snow this year from all the snow-rain-cold cycles (at least here, in less sunny areas).
  6. There's been a lot of little babbling brooks running around here during the day since Sunday, but I'm thinking it's going to slow down a little since most of the new snow from last week has melted off in sunny areas, and in less sunny areas it's now become part of the denser remaining snowpack.
  7. I'm not plugged into the condition of golf courses in the area, but it sounds like you might want to dress for cold weather by that time. I imagine courses near Philly or in South Jersey will be largely snow free by the end of the weekend, but I'm sure some might not want a lot of traffic on them yet even if so. There are at least a couple of posters in here who would know I'm sure.
  8. Big time spring thaw going on here, 53F, lots of melting snow and runoff. Would have preferred a more gradual process but looking at the forecast for this week I wonder if there will be any snow left here by the weekend, even in shaded areas. We shall see. Still enjoying having snow on the ground though.
  9. A great day it was, and while I've always been a big fan of snow, I had a thought while outside today that I wanted to share. I've been a part of this forum for a little over a year (2 winters now), and it adds another dimension to a snowfall for me, to be able to share the tracking in the days before, the anticipation like last night (extreme radar and traffic cam watching, loss of sleep, etc.), and most of all days like today where so many of us are "in the game". It's kind of unique and special to be able to share the experience the way we do, and it adds to the enjoyment for sure. So I thank you all for that.
  10. All this talk of scrapple is making me hungry for some too.
  11. Let us also not forget the 3" of sleet (on top) that added density to the snowpack (at least north of Media PA where I was at the time). Not a thing melted on Sunday (the day after).
  12. Although I'm sure you've been posting a lot longer than I have, welcome aboard!
  13. Thanks for stopping by... hope we all get womped next week!
  14. I saw yesterday that the NAM was showing a (new) snow accumulation over parts of eastern PA and NJ, but like you said, nothing appears to support it, surface or otherwise. On the front end there appears to be too much warm air everywhere but at the surface, on the back end the precip looks to be out of here before it gets cold enough. Maybe the freezing rain is being counted as snow?
  15. I'd have to include December 24th, 1966 in that list. Combination weekend and holiday storm. It was a Saturday, Christmas eve, snow began around 7 am, heavy by 10-11 am, first experience of thundersnow in the early afternoon. West of Philly we got about 20" by the time it wound down in the evening. The best Christmas present for a snow lover :-).
  16. You know the pattern's festerin When we're looking at the Pacific Western
  17. Yeah, way to take one for the team! In all seriousness, thanks for all the pics and videos, etc., etc.! Awesome.... I'll echo what Coastal said about enjoying an event so much even though it's miles away. Thanks to all of you posting storm pics and obs, etc. for that. This reminds me of a thread from last year along the lines of "How much snow is enough for you?"
  18. 850's are more aligned with the surface over Lake Ontario, not as much over Erie?
  19. Looking forward to seeing them. Enjoying your reports along with radar, webcams, and AFD's.
  20. I agree - he is the thinking man's TV met for this area
  21. Nice fine tuning with the high-res map...