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  1. Just by way of curiosity for those of you that need to make 48 24 and 12hr in advance go/nogo decisions based on sfc temps with and without windchill what's your favored set of resources & your process for making the call
  2. Pretty and heavy for a couple of ten minutes here on the glorious South Side
  3. Yeah I might be in the field tomorrow all day long and "welp"
  4. Certainly a NWS weather icon I have never seen before.
  5. -SN continues on the glorious South Side home of etc., etc. and the sidewalks are a clear reminder how much Chicago does not care about cyclists or pedestrians.
  6. Santa Barbara already did, in the 90s, and mothballed the plant after five years of operation. Other CA coastal cities are contemplating it or already bidding it. With conventional methods it is a capital and energy intensive proposition, and the muni utilities would be looking at paying $2-3000 an acre-foot.
  7. Lots of sad undergraduates with stuck cars looks like.The Mansweat Bible-Dome looks like a sledding hill and the CP-1 sculpture has a nice hat.
  8. Light wind from the north and fine light snow here on the glorious South Side, home of God's greatest baseball team the Chicago White Sox.
  9. As has come up repeatedly in this thread, images of glacial retreat over time -- such as the one below -- provide some of the most iconic representations of a rapidly changing climate. Less well known by the public are the ways in which glacial retreat is affecting canine populations: There is only one conclusion to be drawn:
  10. thanks yall ^^^ Neat dual posts from Dan McShane at Reading the Washington Landscape and Mauri Pelto at From a Glacier's Perspective. McShane is riffing on Pelto's post about the disappearance of Anderson glacier, Olympic mountains, Washington. He points out that while Anderson has retreated rapidly into oblivion, two nearby glaciers, particularly Linsley's glacier, have not: McShane: Interesting illustration in light of the stuff about aspect and accumulation area posted upthread, Bonus pic via Jamie Woodward's twitter:
  11. "congratulations, Bo" The pictures out of SoCal are amazing, and the altitudes & accumulation are too -- Saddleback mountains viewed from Laguna Niguel: Couple more. Love it when snow gets down to the desert. All off of socal NWS, NPS, and local media twitter
  12. Had some lovely sun this AM but its fast fading to gloom as we speak. Depressing. ... broke up enough for a decent sunset.
  13. I hope Jonger and crew get plastered and IL-WI get shut out because as it stands right now it looks like driving to Duluth on Weds. is going to be: unpleasant
  14. Just wanted to say its been interesting listening to y'all share your thoughts as this develops, so thanks to everyone taking the time to post up.
  15. If I were a member of glorious leader Kim Jong Un's elite, shadowy cyberwarfare commando corps intent on disrupting the best model suite I am sure I would do the onerous legwork of googling it, knowing that my unswerving antlike communist dedication to Great Juche Thought would protect me from the cascade of imperialist propaganda and misinformation I'd encounter in the process
  16. Via Tom Skilling's FB: dreariest Chicago December since 1975 Another way of looking at it -- the bright side as it were -- is as of yesterday Chicago has racked up ~250% more sunlight hours this December than one would expect in a typical June, on Macquarie Island!
  17. I see the GLOV crew has been working with the UK met office on a timeshare arrangement for processing power Illustrator is Stephen Collins of the Guardian
  18. With a stunning overnight change in conditions, its upper 20s and cloudy with patchy morning fog here on the glorious south side, home to God's greatest baseball team, the 2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox
  19. i've really been digging LOT's gloomy gus graphics this last week or so
  20. Hahahaha I agree with the cameraman's outlook Damaging winds video is the third one down or so.
  21. at present SFO looks to have set a december 24hr and top 10 24 hr rainfall record with at least 3.25"