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  1. I least hope your role is public safety, infrastructure, or life critical
  2. For Weds 1/30 I will take lo -30 for a nice round number and to one-up Hoosier and a hi of -20 for crank-to-eleven levels of raw suffering freezepocalpyse
  3. ALEK still MIA? havent seen jonger around either :/ if anyone still crosses paths with either tell sokolow says hi
  4. For IMBY and surrounding personally am split on whether 3”-5” of snow trailing to crappy near freezing rain vs. 6” plus pure snow — followed by getting thrown into deep freeze for the rest of the week — which of those options blows our projects to hell worse Probably the former is worse
  5. I am so proud of my local forecast office because every dang little infographic and powerpoint slide they put out on everything from “weird clouds” to “life hazardous blizzard chaos” shows that somewhere, some trained weather professional is striving not just to have a forecast that verifies but also to make it meaningfully actionable for idiots like me.
  6. To be sure I would be heartened if we were to increase NOAA’s budget by say, the flyaway cost of 10 F-35s per year, and to be sure it is worthwhile to continue to strive for 120 or 168 or 192 hours of reliable warning rather than 96, 72, or 48-36. But Derecho! is right that sciencewise the forecasting is amazing; what probably most needs attention is our social and civic infrastructure in terms of preparedness & anticipating climatologically plausible emergencies generally and for acting on the warnings we do get for specific imminent hazards.
  7. last few weeks has been living hell workwise with the swamplike humidity in the low lying semi-flooded area where our current project is taking place. would summarize as “sweat-salt crusted suffering.” had to reread Under The Red Sea Sun by edward ellsberg to regain perspective. today was not just nice but paradise in comparison headed up to near jonger’s neck of the mitten in a couple of ten days to catch some early fall in dune & grapevine country. looking forward to it, hope our current pattern holds
  8. time for the miraculous and all-too brief period where the weather in chicagoland and joshua tree NP coincide (not in searing oven or torrential freezing downpour way)
  9. Also from earlier this year the preliminary report for 16/17 from the WGMS
  10. The ÖAV glacier report for the preceding year is out. Press header summarized: The glaciers are melting. The retreat of Austrian glaciers is the largest on record since 1960 (when the series of measurements began); the average retreat is 25.2m, and the tongue of the Gepatschferner retreated 125m. Only one glacier measured showed no loss in length. Photo comparison of the Vermunt/Ochsentaler/Schneeglocken glacier in 1975, 1990, 2007, 2017 (top to bottom) Average change in length and proportion of advancing (black), stationary (grey), and retreating (white field) glaciers among those measured.
  11. I finished this book, and I’m not part of anything skywarn or stormchasing related, so I have no basis to judge the level of accuracy, detail, sensitivity, or critical reflection the author brings to Tim Samaras’ life & legacy in particular or the complex motivations scientific and otherwise that drive researchers and amateurs to participate in what is an inherently dangerous but compelling endeavor in general. I enjoyed it but I think those of you with the right kind of background would enjoy it more and have more to say about it.
  12. Has anyone read The Man Who Caught the Storm, and if so do you have an opinion about it?
  13. Outlook thru to Thursday 30s-40s, maybe bumping 50 midweek. Crappy sn/rain chances every day. Continuing the trend of worst weather, miserable working conditions.
  14. really would like a workweek above freezing
  15. I've been waffling on the glaciation of the eastern Sierra or or Ireland for my next Pleistocene foray
  16. Upthread awhile back I mentioned the Norwegian ice patches with the prehistoric hunting blind and leather shoe, and the researchers were cutting a tunnel into thr ice mass at Juvfonne -- paper out with detailed results on dating the samples retrieved: The upshot is, complex layering notwithstanding, the stratigraphy is preserved, and the oldest ice dated goes back to ~7500 cal BP. There may well be older ice. Neat things: in this pic there's the lightish grey margin around the ice patch -- the border with the darker terrain is its former maximum extent. The authors also outline where pre-LIA ice has been exposed by melting, vs. where accumulation is still mostly occurring
  17. Also it seems ALEK disappeared and the climate change subforum has become even more of a depressing dumpster than usual. Otherwise, whats the haps with you all?
  18. Now we await the next issue of Bergauf and the report from the ÖAV's glacier research section!!
  19. Its that time of year again folks! Time for the preliminary report on worldwide glacier mass balance via our old pals Mauri Pelto and the World Glacier Monitoring Service. *drumroll*
  20. i think today will hit the threshhold of "too windy for fieldwork, dangerous for the instruments"
  21. Pissy drizzle on and off, maybe, maybe not, maybe more. Shouldn't be complaining for late November but wish it would settle on rain so I could cancel fieldwork and stay home
  22. Work ended hours ago and my whole body is still wracked with heat cramps. Looking forward to fall atm.
  23. I'll join him. This week looks like its shaping up to be a hell sauna
  24. This is just, its super cool. Via RTWL: Ice age floodscapes. See link in the comments for the whole channel.