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  1. we also have a flourishing year round population of winter hearty feral parrots thats been here for 50 years and which is spreading towards elgin sometimes i feel like we’re abnormal, birdwise
  2. But we can say with emphasis that confidence is quite low on any details with that period besides that northeast winds should become prevalent and combined with good ol` stratus clouds, that will push our high temperatures back down into the 30s.
  3. actually we could have just merged with NE as the st pierre & miquelon sub-subforum but that’d be horrible and like, the southern cross flags are cooler than the tricolor anyway
  4. i feel like its been cloudy, rainy, and 25-35F for three months. if we’re going to open the new “Australian and New Zealand subantarctic islands” subforum i at least want there to be god damn penguins
  5. hanging out under the L tracks by the dumpsters, “checking the 700-420mb ΔTʜᴄ”
  6. -SN since 0500 and sidewalk + lawn accumulation near Sox / 35th
  7. Tis the season (for garbage field conditions)
  8. Also re: the practicalities and or ethics and or legality of SAR cost recovery as random example I would wager that “professional international extreme weather videographers” who have “extensive support and advisory teams” and “relationships with major media outlets” whose jobs take them primarily to places likely to become “rubble-strewn flooded disaster areas awash as much with human misery as the wrack of the cruel unforgiving sea” probably have platinum-plated extrication & medical evacuation policies from Global Rescue that make the coverage held by heliski outfits look like an expired HikeSafe card clutched in the clammy, sweaty palms of an overweight hiker experiencing chest pains.
  9. Well that was more impressive than I was expecting. Blew up along the boundary right overhead, 0.35” so far
  10. Popup, stationary heavy hailer dropping shooter marbles onto ALEK’s backyard
  11. A Chicago weather story in three pictures One Two
  12. Following our dismal winter afterparty and a beautiful Chicago spring day, the bulk of next week looks to be a big pile of raw garbage for anyone who works outside
  13. I least hope your role is public safety, infrastructure, or life critical
  14. For Weds 1/30 I will take lo -30 for a nice round number and to one-up Hoosier and a hi of -20 for crank-to-eleven levels of raw suffering freezepocalpyse
  15. ALEK still MIA? havent seen jonger around either :/ if anyone still crosses paths with either tell sokolow says hi
  16. For IMBY and surrounding personally am split on whether 3”-5” of snow trailing to crappy near freezing rain vs. 6” plus pure snow — followed by getting thrown into deep freeze for the rest of the week — which of those options blows our projects to hell worse Probably the former is worse
  17. I am so proud of my local forecast office because every dang little infographic and powerpoint slide they put out on everything from “weird clouds” to “life hazardous blizzard chaos” shows that somewhere, some trained weather professional is striving not just to have a forecast that verifies but also to make it meaningfully actionable for idiots like me.
  18. To be sure I would be heartened if we were to increase NOAA’s budget by say, the flyaway cost of 10 F-35s per year, and to be sure it is worthwhile to continue to strive for 120 or 168 or 192 hours of reliable warning rather than 96, 72, or 48-36. But Derecho! is right that sciencewise the forecasting is amazing; what probably most needs attention is our social and civic infrastructure in terms of preparedness & anticipating climatologically plausible emergencies generally and for acting on the warnings we do get for specific imminent hazards.