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  1. 67.5 on the Southside so far this June, coldest at US Cellular in the last 10 years, against an average of ~71-72
  2. All praise to AdBlock. Haven't noticed an ad in years. Web is intolerable without it.
  3. Fired off right at the top of the hour
  4. Got home just in time to watch the show. Rumbles and splatters on the Southside
  5. Looks like unsettled weather ahead through next week. Not amenable to fieldwork!
  6. thanks, this is fascinating stuff
  7. When the biting wind rolled in it really sucked
  8. Today was a miserable, pissing day to be in the field
  9. Holy molyThat's right up there for deadpan with Nebraska's 1998 hit "Susan. Bring me my pants." No such thing; or more specifically its a term that construes as innate whats really the informally taught, frequently unspoken arrays of learned behaviors, expectations, and knowledge used to define minimal competence among an in-group in a specific setting.edit by way of example think of a different historical era and / or cultural setting and what things might have been held as common sense we'd now have no problem identifying as like. insane superstition or violent racism, or just plain wrong in terms of safety & survival or what could be concluded about a situationfrom observable evidence. or for most people what would happen if they were suddenly expected to go into an unfamiliar industrial environment (no-one ever looks up)
  10. Looking forward* to tomorrow's possible wintry mix *not actually looking forward
  11. what a lovely rainy day. it smells great & fresh out there
  12. Flurries just started here on the South Side.
  13. It is going to be a miserable damn week to be out in the field.
  14. I'll sigh contentedly and hoist the refreshing spring vino bucket for ya bo
  15. Oh my god its beautiful outside. I'm going to wrap up in a wooly blanket and nap in the 40F sunshine
  16. Get rad. I did but only by way of keeping one eye on how much of CA is gonna burn this summer, or well, "right now". Wheeler Crest between Bishop and Mammoth went up a week or so back and the photies were impressive. Looked even more like f'ing Mordor than is usual.
  17. Telemark, iceclimb, hike, climb, cook, eat, drink vino & watch the fire with fam & friends, read, sleep. Wake me up when I'm dead.
  18. "no mountains or decent climbing within a reasonable drive" is the one thing that drags down the Midbest for me and if I could I'd set up shop in CA.
  19. Idyllic. Excitement. Minnesota. I still stand by cold and dry being better than 34F and wet for being outdoors for any purpose in winter.
  20. Your kiddo is gonna get hyped on ice fishing just to piss off dad